Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


On May 7th, 2013 ~ Brexton was able to enter the House of the Lord for the first time to take out his own endowments. He choose the Brigham City Temple in Utah.  In attendance that day were Brexton, his mom, grandpa and grandma Staker, his Mom's Aunt Linda and His Great Grandma Butcher. 

I have pictures and will be posting them, when I can figure it out. (sorry) 


In a general sense, a gift of power from God. Worthy members of the Church can receive a gift of power through ordinances in the temple that gives them the instruction and covenants of the Holy Priesthood that they need in order to attain exaltation. The endowment includes instruction about the plan of salvation.
  • There you shall be endowed with power from on high:D&C 38:32, 38; ( Luke 24:49D&C 43:16; )
  • Build a house, in the which house I design to endow those whom I have chosen:D&C 95:8;
  • I have prepared a great endowment and blessing:D&C 105:12, 18, 33;
  • Many shall rejoice because of the endowment with which my servants have been endowed:D&C 110:9;
  • Glory, honor, and endowment are ordained by the ordinance of my holy house:D&C 124:39;
  • Those called of the Father, as was Aaron, are endowed with keys of the priesthood:D&C 132:59;