Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday December 29th, 2015

I thought a lot about the things that we talked about and how I couldnt think of a miracle to share. I felt that it looked really bad, I want you to know that yes we have tons of miracles and yes I do recognize them but in the day to day routine and doing the exact same thing everyday for a year and almost 5 months. Your mind becomes a litte less active then normal and your memory worse. So I will start by explaining a miracle of which I feel imensly grateful to have participated. SO...

Firday morning I'm getting ready when the Woman that lives up stairs starts moaning and making a lot of noise and it got to the point when you feel really uncomfortable beause I began to think, maybe she is dying or having a heart attack or something like that. I literally thought she was dying... So I thought well I'll go pray for her. And that little voice made a comment. You can do more than that you are a Priesthood Holder, you can give her a blessing. then all those thoughts come rushing in. It's morning, I'll break the rules and wont study and I'll have to go out and ring their doorbell and so and so forth but I felt that it was the right thing to do. So about 8 o'clock  in the morning we are outside ringing their doorbell, and trying to get their attention. The man comes to the window and We explain to him a little about the Priesthood and that we heard his wife in pain and would like to giver her a blessing and he consents to let us in. SO after waiting a while he called us up ( he know the missionaries really well, he's lived above them for probably 10 years) And we talk to him and his wife for about 10 mins and they explain that she head surgery and was fine and then recently she is having a ton of muscle pain and nerve pain in her legs and they tighten up and lock and her leg twists, its like all the muscles in her leg in a charlie horse. All of them. So we explain about the priesthood and askk if she would like to receive a blessing. She said yes and her husband (has 3 herniated disks) also said he wanted one. So we have her a blessing and we gave him one as well. The Peace in that room was so strong, the comfort was incredible. YOu cannot describe the peace and the love that filled that room. The SPirit was so strong and they both felt relieved. I felt so happy, I love when I have an opportunity to use the Priesthood because it is the power of God given to men worthy to bless the children of God here on earth. IT is a real power and is true. I Love the Priesthood and know that It is the Power of God. I have had so many amazing experiences with the Priesthood, and I invite ALL men to HONOR their Priesthood, and treasure it because it is a sacred gift. 

So yes that was one miracle that happened this week. We also had that woman that I explained to you about her and her daughter, go to church. Just her, her daughter didn't go. but she LOVED church and was so happy. I called her last night because she went to another city after church and we couldnt visit her and she was so HAPPY!!!! She loved church, she is reading the book of mormon, she will go next week again she knew a member already from the other ward and she is stopping smoking. She has smoke only one cigar a day. Huge. SO all we need to do know is mark a date :) yep I'm excited and praying hard. But I love you all and I hope that you all are having an amazing holiday and that you all are sharing the gospel with everyone that you can. Love you tons and miss you more,

Elder Simonsen

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday December 15, 2014

Well this week has actually been a super fun week but honestly not too much happened. It was the last week in the transfer and we had our christmas party for our zone. We had so much fun this week at the party. First we had a mini district party in our district meeting and we had apple pie. One of the sisters in our district made it and it was amazing!!! My companion almost cried because he was so happy, she also made cinamon rolls and the elders brought coke. Then that day we had lunch and stayed at the church playing volleyball and eating cake and popsicles and had a huge water fight. We also got our district shirts that we made that day. We have some pretty sweet shirts. They were a little expensive but they are pretty sweet. I would send a picture but the computer still doesnt work with the camera. We had so much food on that day it was amazing. The next day we could hardly move because we were so sore. Other than that not much has really happened
We had an investigator that was getting ready to get baptized but she cut us and then we have a couple others but they arent progressing any more so we are in the process of finding new investigatos and trying to help the others progress. They have something that is stopping them and we just have to figure out what it is. So this next transfer is 7 the next trasnfer date is in february. Which I'm sure happy because now we can spend christmas here with the people that we already know and love. The problem is we have to figure out if they will be home that day.
Anyways I'm still working on reading the bible and the book of mormon. I actually this week, read all of Samuel. It was an interesting learning experience. I started focusing on the life of samuel and how he was and ended up being enveloped in the lives of Saul and David and wondering a lot about their attributes and their obedience to Heavenly Father and then how they fell. That the reason they fell, is because of Pride. That they thought themselves better and because of that thought themselves above the rules. Saul offered a sacrifice in the place of the Prophet and David fell because of Bethsheba. And later Soloman fell because he worshiped other Gods. These were 3 great kings who in turn and with time fell. Each one of them great and extremely obedient and blessed by the Lord but didnt endure to the end. Where as we have an example of 3 good kings in the book of Mormon. KIng's Mosiah, Bejamin, and Mosiah. They were humble, always sought to do the Lords will and serve Him in all circumstances. Their humilty made them great and they truly loved and served the people. They endured to the end, and they were great in the eyes of the Lord. So it was just something that I noticed and was thinking about how we can compare the Kings and learn from them. In summary, trust in the Lord and serve Him with all your heart, mind, might and strength. It all boils down to Loving the Lord, and keeping His comandments. As President Packer says "which way do you face?" SO just one thing I learned this week and thought interesting to share. I love you all a ton and I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and that you share the gospel with someone that you love. "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son...." -John 3:16
Elder Simonsen

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday December 8th, 2014

So this week we had the wonderful opportunity to work in the neighborhood close to the chapel. And we worked hard, we taught a lot and actually have investigators. We have people who are progressing and we were extremely blessed to have a ton of people at church sunday during the stake conference. A couple of them only need to be baptized but are never home and so we cant teach them. But the ward is helping a ton where we cant seem to progress. I feel so blessed and so grateful for the members of the ward who help the missionaries and help following up with their investigators just asking how they are talking to them when the missionaries cant and helping respond the questions they have when the missionaries arent there. We are trying to find families, that is our( me and my companona and couple of other elders in our district) focus. I know that this ward really needs preisthood holders and that they need someone who can help lead and I know the Lord will provide a way. SO working a ton, teaching a ton and having a ton of fun. 
I really enjoyed studying the plan of salvation and really developling an understanding deeper of the basic principles and this week we taught one of our investigators about the plan of salvation and i have such  great love for this plan. It really is perfect and is so immense and so amazing. If you havent studied the plan of salvation you should take some time to ponder on the questions of life, like why are we here and where are we going and if there is life after death. We have met many athiests this week and it makes me sad that they cant see the Lords hand or that they choose not to. We had some people who actually denied everything that we know to be true. The Father and the Son completely. HE said that he only believed in nature and that everything just fell into place. I know however that that is not true, that there exsists a divine creator and that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that everything is a testimony that he exsists and that it is as clear as the difference between the night and day. I'm learning to defend better what I believe to be be right and to trust in the Lord completely, you answer to HIm. The Lord will wait to see if you will be faithfull to the responses He gave you.
I'm super excited for christmas and cannot wait until I have the opportunity to talk with you all, my english isnt very good, but after a while I can talk a little. We only have 30 minutes to 45 to talk this year but the time will soon come when I will actually be home. I'm read luke in spanish, the book of mormon in portuguese and Jesus the Christ in Englsih. Haha lots of fun right. BUt my spanish is very portuguesish. and american. I'm super gratful for this time to serve and i know this things are true. If you don't know ask of God and He will answer. I love you and And I invite you all to come unto Christ and to read the book of Mormon.
Love Elder Simonsen.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday December 1st, 2014 (pictures too!!!!)

Alrighty so I'll wrtie quick today because I've lost a lot of my time today playing around with computers. This is the 3rd one i'm using and I honestly have no idea how much time I've used....but anyways thanks for the emails this week has been one of the more fun weeks in both definitions. We worked, we laughed and we had a few more exciting difficult moments. 

So this week really we just worked a ton. We had a ton of doors and intercoms closed on us and we managed to teach 10 lessons this whole week................that's about one a day.......and it rained the whole week. But we are doing the Lord's work, the way He wants it done, and we are working super hard. We are doing a ton of divisions as well, and helping out the elders on the other side of the river, but we are all growing closer and working to bring Heavenly Father's children. To him. so first of all, kiara's letter won't get there for her birthday, I'm still working on it. The others letters were rejected when I went to the post office today because I put a couple coins they couldn't be sent. BUt in due time the letters will come. So the big news of this week were things that me and my companion did this week. We bought some saugsage that they have only here in brazil and tired to cook it like they didnt work out right but we manged to actually cook it and it turned out amazing! and I made egg salad and we had tortillhas and basically made breakfast burritos. Then the next day lunch fell, so I made french toast we used the maple syrup of the other american in our house and we had sausage, french toast and egg salad. It was amazing! You never realize how much you miss the simple things. So today I'm going to make hot dogs, brazilian style, which are super amazing good. But are super simple to make. (i'm stitll working on the super amazng good part)

But other than that we had our zone conference, which was good. Then The sisters in our district had an activity on their side of the river with the ward of the other elders in our district and it was a super amazing activity. It was  about the plan of salvation and what they did is they planned 3 rooms to represent the 3 kingdoms and we used the stage to be a make shift airplane and the sisters dressed like flight attendents and so everyone borded the plane. It hit turbulance and everyone died. It was really funny when it hit turbulance and they were flashing the lights and the humor of everyone is super funny. I recorded the activity with one the sisters cameras, maybe I can get the film later. But it was really cool because the celestial room had the spirit super strong and had that differnce you feel when you are on temple grounds. It was a super well planed out activity and was really cool to have been  a part. I took pictures of us setting up but the camera doesnt work in this lan house....

But you asked what I have been studying this week and i read the email you sent last week and I've been focusing a lot on prayer and the power that comes from prayer. It truly is amazing how prayer makes a difference in your spirituality and changes the world. I cannot even explain the diffirences that mighty prayer has made this week and the comfort that it brings and the peace. It truly has made this week so much better and has helped me handle some situations better then I would have. I've also grown so much in understanding this week really pondering the scriptures and trying to understand them and apply them in ourlives. I'm pondering a lot of the Plan of Salvationa and it truly is amazing how the spirit lights up your mind and gives you answers and leads you to paths that you never knew exsisted. When elder MAzargadi was here he explained that he learned more about the temple when he was a long ways away from the temple and couldnt attend the temple as much as he would have liked to. YOu really have to treasure and ponder the things that you learn and feel and then the spirit lightens your mind and opens your understanding. I've truly grown to love and appreciate the temple more, in this time that I am so far away and the book of momon. 

I love you all and miss you so much.

Love Elder Simonsen