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Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday December 8th, 2014

So this week we had the wonderful opportunity to work in the neighborhood close to the chapel. And we worked hard, we taught a lot and actually have investigators. We have people who are progressing and we were extremely blessed to have a ton of people at church sunday during the stake conference. A couple of them only need to be baptized but are never home and so we cant teach them. But the ward is helping a ton where we cant seem to progress. I feel so blessed and so grateful for the members of the ward who help the missionaries and help following up with their investigators just asking how they are talking to them when the missionaries cant and helping respond the questions they have when the missionaries arent there. We are trying to find families, that is our( me and my companona and couple of other elders in our district) focus. I know that this ward really needs preisthood holders and that they need someone who can help lead and I know the Lord will provide a way. SO working a ton, teaching a ton and having a ton of fun. 
I really enjoyed studying the plan of salvation and really developling an understanding deeper of the basic principles and this week we taught one of our investigators about the plan of salvation and i have such  great love for this plan. It really is perfect and is so immense and so amazing. If you havent studied the plan of salvation you should take some time to ponder on the questions of life, like why are we here and where are we going and if there is life after death. We have met many athiests this week and it makes me sad that they cant see the Lords hand or that they choose not to. We had some people who actually denied everything that we know to be true. The Father and the Son completely. HE said that he only believed in nature and that everything just fell into place. I know however that that is not true, that there exsists a divine creator and that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that everything is a testimony that he exsists and that it is as clear as the difference between the night and day. I'm learning to defend better what I believe to be be right and to trust in the Lord completely, you answer to HIm. The Lord will wait to see if you will be faithfull to the responses He gave you.
I'm super excited for christmas and cannot wait until I have the opportunity to talk with you all, my english isnt very good, but after a while I can talk a little. We only have 30 minutes to 45 to talk this year but the time will soon come when I will actually be home. I'm read luke in spanish, the book of mormon in portuguese and Jesus the Christ in Englsih. Haha lots of fun right. BUt my spanish is very portuguesish. and american. I'm super gratful for this time to serve and i know this things are true. If you don't know ask of God and He will answer. I love you and And I invite you all to come unto Christ and to read the book of Mormon.
Love Elder Simonsen.

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