Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday April 28th, 2014

That's super sweet that you all got my letters! Finally! I wrote those like 2 months ago. Maybe longer.....idk I need to write some more. I was planning on doing that today. We'll see how it goes. But the only news that I really have is that for transfers me and my companion stayed. This transfer is 5 weeks so it should fly by fast. We went to São Mateus last week and tomorrow we are going to vitoria for a Meeting of all the liders. It's getting to the point were it's really hard to speak in english sometimes and way easier to speak in portuguese. Which is nice but we'll see how mothers day goes. Usually if I speak with the person for a while it's all right or if I already speak english with you it's not a problem. As for Mothers day I think everything is all set and good but i'm not sure. I havent confirmed the plans yet. We will go to a members house and use the computer there but as for how long we can talk idk still.
That sweet that you've had ton of missionary experiences. It really is a lot easier than you all think to have them. All it takes is the first time and then the next time it's a little easier. You really just have to walk up to someone and share with them what you know to be true. Or just invite them to do something.
So this letter really wont be too long either I spent a lot of time doing stuff for the zone so I really onelhave 30 minutes to write this letter. SO maybe I can get a long letter or maybe not. Depends on how fast I can type.
That's awesome that talon made a goal for me! What a super star! And thats sweet that the girls went paint balling. I imagine that would be so much fun, and that suck about the charlie horse. those are the worst.
That's super sweet that the latasa's came to church again. That talk by brother Acker will help a ton. The book of Mormon is so crucial and is really the only thing that the investigator has to decide is true. if it is everything else is too. I had the oportunity to spend an hour talking with a investigator trying to help her understand the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
So that scripture is in 2 Nephi 11:2-4 at least that's what google says.... :p becuase I had no idea. Ap tests will be tense and I'm sure the girls will do fine. Crazy that she's finishing high school and going to college. Life will be so different from now on. But she'll have a lot of more fun. She would also be super blessed to write her missionary brother at least an email would be nice! (you too brook :p)
 alma 34:36
 And this I know, because the Lord hath said he dwelleth not in aunholy temples, but in the bhearts of the crighteous doth he dwell; yea, and he has also said that the righteous shall sit down in his kingdom, to go no more out; but their garments should be made white through the dblood of the Lamb.
Our graments have to be "made white throught the blood of the Lamb" that is to apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in our Lives anfd live worthily everyday to have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.
Okay Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Simonsen

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday April 21, 2014

That sounds like you all had an awesome week! Down in fort Lauderdale! The temple looks so pretty! You all look so happy and i'm so thankful for the pictures you sent. They are really pretty. I wish I could have been there with you guys. Everyone has changed so much too. The only one who hasn't changed that much is talon. He looks mostly the same. So this week I got 2 packages from Grandma Simonsen and I got the package from Grandma Nelson. So please tell them I got their packages. I got 5 letters from Grandma Simonsen, one from the Pielsticks and I got morgan's letter this week too. We had intervews with the President and so we got all our stuff a week early. Transfers are tomorrow and we are all staying. They only transfered the sisters in our zone and 2 elders. So it will be nice to have everyone still here. This next transfer is only 5 weeks. 

So this letter probably won't be as long as the others because I'm super tired we spent the last hour looking for a lan house that was open because today is a holiday in brazil so everything is shut. 

That's funny about dad's phone. Is he liking having it? Did you all get your new phones too? Yeah i'm definitely waiting for letters from my sisters!!!!!!! It would be nice to get those :p 

SO this week not really much happened. most of the week was spent traveling and helping other missionaries. We had one person get sick every day after friday and spent a lot of time in their areas. Everything here is good though. Every one is super excited because there is only 2 more transfers and the new president will be here. but other than that not much news. I love you all and miss you tons!!!!! Love Elder SImonsen

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday April 14th, 2014 Part 2 with pictures

Alright so idk what I did but this week I had a ton more time to write then I sent you a ton of pictures and what not but I figured Id write another letter. So this week has been a ton of fun like I've said already and all that. I hope you all have a ton of fun down in ft. lauderdale and that you all know that I'm super jealous. I've been tining alot about the experiences I've had in my life and I wanted to thank you for all you've done. I have been way better prepared and way more experienced that a majority of other missionaries and that has helped me a ton. So I am sincerly grateful. I cannot wait to get back and have even more with you both and the rest of our family. ANd to be more connected with you all and not only through a computer every monday for one hour. I love you both so much and i am very grateful for everything. 

So the lesson of this week was faith, the book of mormon and a little bit of hope. I had a realization of how important faith and hope are in our lives this week. Because in reality without those 2 things we have nothing and our life is painted dismal gray. They are the 2 things that feed our soul and give us energy. Then the book of Mormon because it is a source of these two things. it is so crucial in our lives and so important. ALright got to go but I love you and miss you!

Love Brexton

Breakfast that Brexton made 

Elder Simonsen & Elder Cervantes

Elder Quiroz and Elder Peterson
  Elders ~ I only know Elder Peterson in the middle and then Elder Simonsen :D

Elder Simonsen

Elder Simonsen & Elder Gerald

Monday April 14th, 2014

Okay first of all..................prom????????????????????? Wow Didn't even know and second of all... is mathew Drabek a member? He was in rotc with me and with Ryan I know from cross country. He's awesome.  But the Photos are sweet and it looks like a lot of fun. It's crazy that they are all so old now. I was looking at the photos you sent me from like 5 months ago this morning and thinking about how much they changed and then seeing the photos today, they are completely diferent but one thing hasn't changed....I still haven't gotten an email from them.

So my face is fine. It's all healed and honestly might scar but it's really little and you really can't notice it. I had to look really hard to find it. This week was pretty safe. I don't think anything really happened. We had a baptism but I wasn't in the photo because I was on the phone talking with some missionaries fixing some stuff. SO this week I'll take a picture with him and send it to ya next week. He's super awesome. He stopped us in the supermarket and asked us how he could be a missionary like us. two weeks ago, and yesterday he was asking again about how long he would have to wait to go on a mission and stuff. So he's pretty sweet. We have another lady who we are teaching that will probably be baptized in 2 weeks (would be sooner but we won't be here at all this week) and we found anoter family last night. We are just being so blessed. Last week I spent the whole week with the other missionaries of Linhares doing divisions with them and helping them out, went to São Mateus and this newxt week will be 3 days in Nova venecia and until saturday in São Mateus. Other sad news, Elder Miller anouced this week that this is his last week in the mission, everyone thought he had one more transfer but he's going home this transfer and no one knew. But good news, we are going to his house today to have french toest, peanut butter m&m's and other american food. I'm going to miss him.

So that is basically my week in a nutshell and really quick. This week we also have interviews with the president but I'm really not sure when we will get to do them. We are traveling all week soooo...who knows but I should get letters this week :) As for the language it has gotten to the point where reading in english is difficult. I was trying to read the bible this week and I just couldn't understand a lot of it. Portuguse yes, some no because has words that I don't know but that was a fun experiece. As for fires, haven't heard anything about fires. I'm in Esprito Santo and not really much happens here. So I'm safe don't worry about me. The Lord protects his servants. JUst have to listen to the Spirit and you will be fine.

That's sweet about the Latasa's Hopefully it will all work out for them. Yes I'm in a branch and we are working a ton with the members. It isn't easy because the members have had bad experiences with other missionaries but it really is a crucial part o the work of the Lord and the work goes so much smoother and better with the members participating.

Yeah I can't think about aything else....everything is good. Super happy, I'm eating, I'm actually freezing right now because this lan house has air conditioning. BUt its all good because outside is nice and warm. Finally got a chance to listen to the priesthood session of COnference and it was realy awesome. I'm glad I picked it up last week. Alright  I love you all and miss you all so much!

ELder Simonsen

ps. Have fun in the Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday April 7th, 2014

SO this week was a super fun week. So just keep swimming just keep swimming.

So monday and tuesday I have no idea what happened. But wednesday was fun I went with Elder Miller and did a division with him in his area. He's pretty cool and all that. He's from alaska and he has been zone leader before, wants to go into the army, go to byu. He has one transfer left after this one. The day was pretty fun, all of the meetings we had fell through and we walked a ton. And we had lunch at 11 which meant we worked from 12;30 to 9 at night. But it was alot of fun. So we actually ran into a man from massuchutes, got his address and we are going to pass it to the missionaries there. It was one of those random things that makes your day. So I had a ton of fun working with him. The next day I did a division with elder Cervantes and it was a super good day. He's from california and we were friends from back when I first got in the mission. He got in brazil the same day I went to the mission in Espirto Santo. So we had a ton of fun but we also marked a baptismal date for one of his ivestigators who had just recently returned from the UNited states. He was in boston and then went to new york and he was showing us all his pictures. WOW it was beautiful. We both want to go there and visit now. The pictures of new york at night were beautiful and he went to ground Zero and it looks so cool. 

Then that night I asked if we could go visit this family we visited last week and had an amazing lesson with ( so amazing they went to church) so we went there and had another amazing lesson with them and I ate some fruit...yeah I don't remember what it is but the dad is the only one that eats it and it kinda doesnt taste good but the smell is just enough to kill you. So much fun, I love that family! They are so amazing. The only thing is they did'nt go to church this week...the daughter did which is awesome. But the rest of the family we are going to have to work harder. We took a picture but elder cervantes has it and hasn't sent it yet... 

So then friday, the traveling assistants were here and we did a division with them. Lots of fun and then some stuff happened and the two most important things that happened are the following. I have a pretty good cut on my forehead...yeah soo I was leaving the investigators house anddd it was raining, and we were trying to leave the house quickly and I was dodging this one post in the middle of the yard and smacked right into the roof of the chicken coop....yeah so talented... 

The other thing of note is that my companion was emergency transfered and I have a new companion. Elder ALexandrino, he's from fortaleza as well. All is well, Super excited and loving the mission and I'm super happy. Didn't get to watch much of conference though but I just put like almost all of on my memory card, to listen ( in english because it was quicker....) but I'm super happy I love my new companion and thigs are good. I hope yall have fun in ft. lauderdale and I love you all so much. 

Love Elder SImonsen

You can't really see the cut butttt it's not really that bad. I'm an eagle scout remember :P