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Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday April 7th, 2014

SO this week was a super fun week. So just keep swimming just keep swimming.

So monday and tuesday I have no idea what happened. But wednesday was fun I went with Elder Miller and did a division with him in his area. He's pretty cool and all that. He's from alaska and he has been zone leader before, wants to go into the army, go to byu. He has one transfer left after this one. The day was pretty fun, all of the meetings we had fell through and we walked a ton. And we had lunch at 11 which meant we worked from 12;30 to 9 at night. But it was alot of fun. So we actually ran into a man from massuchutes, got his address and we are going to pass it to the missionaries there. It was one of those random things that makes your day. So I had a ton of fun working with him. The next day I did a division with elder Cervantes and it was a super good day. He's from california and we were friends from back when I first got in the mission. He got in brazil the same day I went to the mission in Espirto Santo. So we had a ton of fun but we also marked a baptismal date for one of his ivestigators who had just recently returned from the UNited states. He was in boston and then went to new york and he was showing us all his pictures. WOW it was beautiful. We both want to go there and visit now. The pictures of new york at night were beautiful and he went to ground Zero and it looks so cool. 

Then that night I asked if we could go visit this family we visited last week and had an amazing lesson with ( so amazing they went to church) so we went there and had another amazing lesson with them and I ate some fruit...yeah I don't remember what it is but the dad is the only one that eats it and it kinda doesnt taste good but the smell is just enough to kill you. So much fun, I love that family! They are so amazing. The only thing is they did'nt go to church this week...the daughter did which is awesome. But the rest of the family we are going to have to work harder. We took a picture but elder cervantes has it and hasn't sent it yet... 

So then friday, the traveling assistants were here and we did a division with them. Lots of fun and then some stuff happened and the two most important things that happened are the following. I have a pretty good cut on my forehead...yeah soo I was leaving the investigators house anddd it was raining, and we were trying to leave the house quickly and I was dodging this one post in the middle of the yard and smacked right into the roof of the chicken coop....yeah so talented... 

The other thing of note is that my companion was emergency transfered and I have a new companion. Elder ALexandrino, he's from fortaleza as well. All is well, Super excited and loving the mission and I'm super happy. Didn't get to watch much of conference though but I just put like almost all of on my memory card, to listen ( in english because it was quicker....) but I'm super happy I love my new companion and thigs are good. I hope yall have fun in ft. lauderdale and I love you all so much. 

Love Elder SImonsen

You can't really see the cut butttt it's not really that bad. I'm an eagle scout remember :P

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