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Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday December 15, 2014

Well this week has actually been a super fun week but honestly not too much happened. It was the last week in the transfer and we had our christmas party for our zone. We had so much fun this week at the party. First we had a mini district party in our district meeting and we had apple pie. One of the sisters in our district made it and it was amazing!!! My companion almost cried because he was so happy, she also made cinamon rolls and the elders brought coke. Then that day we had lunch and stayed at the church playing volleyball and eating cake and popsicles and had a huge water fight. We also got our district shirts that we made that day. We have some pretty sweet shirts. They were a little expensive but they are pretty sweet. I would send a picture but the computer still doesnt work with the camera. We had so much food on that day it was amazing. The next day we could hardly move because we were so sore. Other than that not much has really happened
We had an investigator that was getting ready to get baptized but she cut us and then we have a couple others but they arent progressing any more so we are in the process of finding new investigatos and trying to help the others progress. They have something that is stopping them and we just have to figure out what it is. So this next transfer is 7 the next trasnfer date is in february. Which I'm sure happy because now we can spend christmas here with the people that we already know and love. The problem is we have to figure out if they will be home that day.
Anyways I'm still working on reading the bible and the book of mormon. I actually this week, read all of Samuel. It was an interesting learning experience. I started focusing on the life of samuel and how he was and ended up being enveloped in the lives of Saul and David and wondering a lot about their attributes and their obedience to Heavenly Father and then how they fell. That the reason they fell, is because of Pride. That they thought themselves better and because of that thought themselves above the rules. Saul offered a sacrifice in the place of the Prophet and David fell because of Bethsheba. And later Soloman fell because he worshiped other Gods. These were 3 great kings who in turn and with time fell. Each one of them great and extremely obedient and blessed by the Lord but didnt endure to the end. Where as we have an example of 3 good kings in the book of Mormon. KIng's Mosiah, Bejamin, and Mosiah. They were humble, always sought to do the Lords will and serve Him in all circumstances. Their humilty made them great and they truly loved and served the people. They endured to the end, and they were great in the eyes of the Lord. So it was just something that I noticed and was thinking about how we can compare the Kings and learn from them. In summary, trust in the Lord and serve Him with all your heart, mind, might and strength. It all boils down to Loving the Lord, and keeping His comandments. As President Packer says "which way do you face?" SO just one thing I learned this week and thought interesting to share. I love you all a ton and I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season and that you share the gospel with someone that you love. "For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son...." -John 3:16
Elder Simonsen

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