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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday December 1st, 2014 (pictures too!!!!)

Alrighty so I'll wrtie quick today because I've lost a lot of my time today playing around with computers. This is the 3rd one i'm using and I honestly have no idea how much time I've used....but anyways thanks for the emails this week has been one of the more fun weeks in both definitions. We worked, we laughed and we had a few more exciting difficult moments. 

So this week really we just worked a ton. We had a ton of doors and intercoms closed on us and we managed to teach 10 lessons this whole week................that's about one a day.......and it rained the whole week. But we are doing the Lord's work, the way He wants it done, and we are working super hard. We are doing a ton of divisions as well, and helping out the elders on the other side of the river, but we are all growing closer and working to bring Heavenly Father's children. To him. so first of all, kiara's letter won't get there for her birthday, I'm still working on it. The others letters were rejected when I went to the post office today because I put a couple coins they couldn't be sent. BUt in due time the letters will come. So the big news of this week were things that me and my companion did this week. We bought some saugsage that they have only here in brazil and tired to cook it like they didnt work out right but we manged to actually cook it and it turned out amazing! and I made egg salad and we had tortillhas and basically made breakfast burritos. Then the next day lunch fell, so I made french toast we used the maple syrup of the other american in our house and we had sausage, french toast and egg salad. It was amazing! You never realize how much you miss the simple things. So today I'm going to make hot dogs, brazilian style, which are super amazing good. But are super simple to make. (i'm stitll working on the super amazng good part)

But other than that we had our zone conference, which was good. Then The sisters in our district had an activity on their side of the river with the ward of the other elders in our district and it was a super amazing activity. It was  about the plan of salvation and what they did is they planned 3 rooms to represent the 3 kingdoms and we used the stage to be a make shift airplane and the sisters dressed like flight attendents and so everyone borded the plane. It hit turbulance and everyone died. It was really funny when it hit turbulance and they were flashing the lights and the humor of everyone is super funny. I recorded the activity with one the sisters cameras, maybe I can get the film later. But it was really cool because the celestial room had the spirit super strong and had that differnce you feel when you are on temple grounds. It was a super well planed out activity and was really cool to have been  a part. I took pictures of us setting up but the camera doesnt work in this lan house....

But you asked what I have been studying this week and i read the email you sent last week and I've been focusing a lot on prayer and the power that comes from prayer. It truly is amazing how prayer makes a difference in your spirituality and changes the world. I cannot even explain the diffirences that mighty prayer has made this week and the comfort that it brings and the peace. It truly has made this week so much better and has helped me handle some situations better then I would have. I've also grown so much in understanding this week really pondering the scriptures and trying to understand them and apply them in ourlives. I'm pondering a lot of the Plan of Salvationa and it truly is amazing how the spirit lights up your mind and gives you answers and leads you to paths that you never knew exsisted. When elder MAzargadi was here he explained that he learned more about the temple when he was a long ways away from the temple and couldnt attend the temple as much as he would have liked to. YOu really have to treasure and ponder the things that you learn and feel and then the spirit lightens your mind and opens your understanding. I've truly grown to love and appreciate the temple more, in this time that I am so far away and the book of momon. 

I love you all and miss you so much.

Love Elder Simonsen

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