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Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday December 29th, 2015

I thought a lot about the things that we talked about and how I couldnt think of a miracle to share. I felt that it looked really bad, I want you to know that yes we have tons of miracles and yes I do recognize them but in the day to day routine and doing the exact same thing everyday for a year and almost 5 months. Your mind becomes a litte less active then normal and your memory worse. So I will start by explaining a miracle of which I feel imensly grateful to have participated. SO...

Firday morning I'm getting ready when the Woman that lives up stairs starts moaning and making a lot of noise and it got to the point when you feel really uncomfortable beause I began to think, maybe she is dying or having a heart attack or something like that. I literally thought she was dying... So I thought well I'll go pray for her. And that little voice made a comment. You can do more than that you are a Priesthood Holder, you can give her a blessing. then all those thoughts come rushing in. It's morning, I'll break the rules and wont study and I'll have to go out and ring their doorbell and so and so forth but I felt that it was the right thing to do. So about 8 o'clock  in the morning we are outside ringing their doorbell, and trying to get their attention. The man comes to the window and We explain to him a little about the Priesthood and that we heard his wife in pain and would like to giver her a blessing and he consents to let us in. SO after waiting a while he called us up ( he know the missionaries really well, he's lived above them for probably 10 years) And we talk to him and his wife for about 10 mins and they explain that she head surgery and was fine and then recently she is having a ton of muscle pain and nerve pain in her legs and they tighten up and lock and her leg twists, its like all the muscles in her leg in a charlie horse. All of them. So we explain about the priesthood and askk if she would like to receive a blessing. She said yes and her husband (has 3 herniated disks) also said he wanted one. So we have her a blessing and we gave him one as well. The Peace in that room was so strong, the comfort was incredible. YOu cannot describe the peace and the love that filled that room. The SPirit was so strong and they both felt relieved. I felt so happy, I love when I have an opportunity to use the Priesthood because it is the power of God given to men worthy to bless the children of God here on earth. IT is a real power and is true. I Love the Priesthood and know that It is the Power of God. I have had so many amazing experiences with the Priesthood, and I invite ALL men to HONOR their Priesthood, and treasure it because it is a sacred gift. 

So yes that was one miracle that happened this week. We also had that woman that I explained to you about her and her daughter, go to church. Just her, her daughter didn't go. but she LOVED church and was so happy. I called her last night because she went to another city after church and we couldnt visit her and she was so HAPPY!!!! She loved church, she is reading the book of mormon, she will go next week again she knew a member already from the other ward and she is stopping smoking. She has smoke only one cigar a day. Huge. SO all we need to do know is mark a date :) yep I'm excited and praying hard. But I love you all and I hope that you all are having an amazing holiday and that you all are sharing the gospel with everyone that you can. Love you tons and miss you more,

Elder Simonsen

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