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Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday January 5th, 2015

Dearest darlingtliest family,

it is hot! Like super hot but I wouldnt have it any other way. Literally I'm so happy that the sun is shining and that its not raining and that its hot. I feel so much more comfortable. Its just a little harder to sleep at night but \i'm so happy its hot. I think Ive been tramatized by the rain we had last year when I was in Serra. But all it well. Not to much happened this week. We had New Years and we had to be home at 7 on the 31st and the 1st so, we didnt have too much time to work. And EVERYONE went to the beach on those days. Literally there was no one here in town. I could lay down on the main street and not worry about cars at alllll.Yeah so we had lots of fun doing contacts in the street with everyone that was there. I think we literally almost talked to every single person in the street....but it was a lot of fun. OUr investigator that I told you about last week, she accepted a baptismal date and is super excited. We marked it for the 16th, we couldnt visit her to much this last week because she was traveling, and yesterday she couldnt go to church because a relative died....but we marked to visit her today and we are super excited, the ward too. So should have some fun developments this week. 

We did a bunch of new contacts, knocked almost all the doors on one street, taught a lot of people on the street and really Just tried to find new people with the people that were here. So in that sense not too much out of the ordinary happened. I've been able to run most of the days last week and jump rope on the others. So I've been eating a ton more, maybe this year I'll gain some weight instead of lose it.

So I'm studying a lot about obedience and faith. Being obedient even when you don't agree with things but doing it because the Lord asks you too and to be patient. Faith because we always share attributes of Christ in the district meeting and this next week is my turn. So Ive been studying a lot about faith and reading hebrews 11 and the first chapter of the lectures of faith ( i got if off the church website ;) ) and the scriptures of course. I'm trying to work on finishing the book of Mormon this month or the next. I've only read it once on the mission.....all the way through at least. I was close to finishing it and we decided as a district to start from the beginning and I started over.......but I'm really enjoying it. I finished Mark today so I've read the 4 gospels but I think I'll reread john because it's been a while, and then continue in the new testament. SO lots of porjects and little time. THe New Zone leader here is from my group but he went to the MTC in Provo and so on NEw years eve we both realized how little time we have left. The sisters of our group are going home at the end of this in about a week  or 2 we will have only 6 months left........I have to work so much harder and lose my self so much more. The time just flies by, but I am so grateful for eveything I've learned and all the experiences that I've had. I'm here to serve the Lord and that is my calling and life during these two years and there is nothing else that I'd rather be doing. 

I love you all and miss you so much. Read The Book of Mormon!!!!

Elder Simonsen

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