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Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday January 26th, 2015

Alrighty so this week really not to much happened....we worked a ton and managed to have some progress with some investigators. Speaking of which we went to the Universal church last was interesting. But yes the church of Jesus Christ is definitely the true church I always think while I'm there about all the people that are there and how the Lord says that the harvest is truly ready and that so many people aren't in the church because they don't know where to find it Some styles of worship are interesting....but it was a cool experience. Our investigator didn't go to church this week like she said she would but we are working a ton with her. SHe is th sister of our recent convert So one miracle that happened this week was that we got to church and there was an investigator there. A less active had invited him to go to church and told him a little about it and he showed up by himself. My companion got to teach him yesterday because we did splits with some of the men from the elders quorum and he accepted baptism and really liked the church. SO his baptism is marked for sunday after church. We have another baptism marked for sunday, a young woman that has been attending church since conference................we have never been able to visit her in the 4 months that we are here. But we managed to teach her about a week and a half ago. but we are hoping and praying a lot. We have another investigator that needs to be baptized but its super impossible to find her at home....its summer here so everyone is always going to the beach and during the weekends literally there is no one here.

Alrighty so this keyboard is killing me but thank you so much for the pictures. I bought a new memory card and so i can send some pictures today. The other works but doesnt open on the I'm saving it for when I get back home to get the pictures. BUt I'm reading the book of mormon, and I'm in alma 48. So I'm moving right along. 

Probably the biggest lesson this week is choosing to be happy, choosing to be obedient. Choosing to trust the Lord. That's why its important to sing :) I'm working on singing a lot of the hymns. I know a good bit of them by heart now but some I forget the words everyonce in a while. BUt as for leading the music, I don't think they will ask me to lead again...... ;) but it sure was fun and funny. 

SO you asked what I'm studying and I'm going back to the study of the character of christ in the book of mormon. THe lives of all the prophets arealways examples of Christ. They are examples of how the Lord would act. They have the christ like attributes, and we must become even as He is. So I'm working on that and doing my best to have a faith and work with all my heart. It makes a huge difference. I'm saying instead of I had great faith, that I have great faith. That I trust in the Lord instead of I trusted in the Lord. 

But things are good here. My hair is super blonde, I'm going to cut it today. we are working a lot more with the members and the ward is starting to get excited again. Transfers are next week, so who knows what will happen. I'm growing a ton and having a wondeful time on the mission. I hope that all is well at home and that you all are reading the book of Mormon and going to church and saying your prayers. The Lord loves us and is always with us. We just need to trust in HIm and BE HAPPY. 

Elder Simonsen

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