Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday February 2nd, 2015

SO last week of the transfer and we found out about transfers last night. SO yes I'm being transfered...I leave tomorrow to go to the transfer meeting. 

Anyways monday tried the egg nog.........yeah I might just give up. It says cook for about 40 mins to an hours, it has eggs in it, after 10 mins all of the eggs are cooked. It might be because we have a gas stove and not an electric but yeah didnt turn out to well and this time I didnt even try to drink it. It was scrambled eggs...... anyways lessons this week: (if I can remember them all)

1) Dont scratch
2) Interviews with President
3) Pray harder
4) work harder
5) relax
6) yeah i cant remember anymore...i wrote them in my journal......but just so that you know I studied faith and dilligence this week as attributes of Christ.

so the first.....i think I have allergies.....maybe to somthing i ate. BUt since about wednesday or tuesday I've been itching like crazy and its been fun but I have no idea what it is that I'm allergic to. but its been a fun experience, haha I'm taking medicine but I still itch like crazy. 

SO the this week we had interviews with President, which were really good and we are focusing a lot on family history and the booklet that they released so yes I need tons of information about the family and dates that everyone married and histories about them and photos and stuff like that. So if the grandparents could send me histories about themselves and a photo and iformation about their parents and siblings i would be super grateful. If they sent a letter would be perfect because he asked me to work 10 mins per day on it.....which will be better if I have letters since i cant use the computer every day. 

3 pray harder, so.....we were in the street praying with a man who has intereseting scientific beliefs about the gospel and we were explaining about the Book Of Mormon and to finish we were praying and then out of no where, while we are praying you here brakes, metal breaking, cars going crazy and all this noise while I'm praying and it keeps getting close and louder and it got to the point that i had to open my eyes to see if I was going to turns out that a car had cliped a dumpster that was in the road maybe becuase another car passed by at the same time and the dumpster caught the space above the front tire and basically ripped of the passenger side door and the man swerved hit the side walk and hit a pole, trash can and maybe some other things, all on the other side of the street a good distance from us, about 20m or maybe less. We were never in real danger exactly but when your eyes are closed and you hear all that noise, you have no idea whats happening. But I believe the man was fine, he looked fine in the car, But yeah the next time I prayed i thought twice about what i was praying for ;) just a fun experience

4 this week we worked super hard and taught a ton of lessons, visiting everyone that had been to church at least once while we were here. We had  the baptism of Gisele finally. it was super special, a little hectic becuase I had to interview someone and it took a while but it was super spiritual and she was super happy and the relief society seemed pretty happy. I sent a picture and I've talked a little about her.

5) relax because I'm super tired and I am completely ready to relax and not be stressed because its the end of the transfer and the leaders push and pressure a bunch. Also because all the sisters from my group go home tomorrow. One of the sisters was in our district and its crazy thinking that she is done with the mission and that next week she wont be a missionary any more. Just reminds me how little time we have and how we must cherish every momenet because you never know when it ends and if you do you better enjoy and work hard until that day. 

I'm reading the book of mormon, finishing up alma and studying preach my gospel, i need to do that a liitle more. Other than that this week was really good, fasted a lot, prayed a lot, read a lot and worked a lot. I love the mission and there is no other place that I would want to be in this time in my life, I do realize that one day it will end and that i will begin the next mission of my life that will never really end. A family. But I know the LOrd is preparing me and I realize that I must also prepare now living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like how I always said about being a missionary, ther eis no off and on switch, you must prepare before the mission to be a missionary. Always doing whats right and living the gospel and the covenants will prepare you for what ever thing you need or may come. I know these things are true and I'm so grateful for this time here in Brazil and here in Campos. I love you all and miss you so much and hope all is well. Read the scriptures, by yourself and as a FAMILY. Say your prayers by yourself, and as a FAMILY. Prepare yourselves and sanctify your selves as Joshua said. For the end cometh and the night falleth and the time will be in which no labor can be done. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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