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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yep, Carnival ~ Wednesday February 18th, 2015

So yeah we couldnt use the internet monday because it was carnival, which was interesting because we still worked like normal all of the days of the week...and the lan houses were all open monday but today....of the 4 lan houses in our area the last one was the one open, and the most expensive....but at least we get to send email. 

So this week has been lots of fun, lots of really loud music, and tons of people from tons of different places all coming and passing through our area. It really wasnt too bad but it was a lot more than i saw last year. Nothing really happened though. Just work as normal. Oh and hardly any one went to chruch from our that was a little difficult. But all is good and well. We have two investigators that are progressing towards baptism. One is a 19 year old girl who is friends with a member and who recieved an answer really quick. So we are working with her and the members (who are recent converts themselves) and having a ton of fun. I'll try to send pictures next week...I havent been walking around with my camera. Speaking of which I lost about 200 pictures....they just dissapeared...Oh well. The other investigator is a brother of the recent converts (young women) who is 10. We are trying to work with their mom as well but its a little difficult to teach her, she doesnt have too much interest yet. And hasnt completely decided to stop smoking and drinking coffee, but the Lord is always preparing the people to hear the message of the restored Gospel. We have another family that we are trying to complete, working with the mom who was almost baptized 6 years back but wasnt because a member offended her..............yeah thats a big problem here. But we had a super strong lesson about the temple and eternal familes with her last week so we are going to capatilze this momentum and try and get her more interested in becoming wothy to enter the temple, being baptized. 

The yumiest thing that i've had on the mission, i have no idea. I just eat eerything, but in the last two weeks its a thing called PavĂȘ its a dessert with cookies and chocolate and cream and is super good. The worst thing is olives, I just dont like the green olives here an some areas they put green olives in everything............but I've learned to stomach it.

So things I've learned this last week. We'll we had a conference with President and they are really trying to focus on the Book of Mormon. Using the Book Of Mormon in teaching and helping in the conversion of the investigators, less actives, and members. Yeah :) so I've been studying a lot about which scriptures I can use and how I can use them and how literally you can teach so much just from any scripture in the Book of Mormon and how much stronger the Spirit testfies using the Book of Mormon. For example we taught the law of chastity to Talita, the 19 year old girl, and in the beginning it was a little difficult everyone was playing around not taking it as seriously as they should  and so the Spirit prompted me to use the scripture in Alma when he is talking to his son. It's very clear and I dont hardly every use it because its so direct that it leaves some people offended or feeling awkaward or I feel its super harsh but true. Anyways we used it and the spirit testified super strong and was a powerful lesson. 

Also I've studied the Plan of Salvation. I love studying the Plan of Salvation :) SO I studied Alma 12, Alma 34, Alma 41 and they aren't as commonly used here but they teach so clearly the doctrines of the Plan of Salvation and really invite the Spirit. ALma 12 I really enjoyed a lot. The last part. The thing I recongonized is that alma 12 and alma 34 are both taught by Amulque. He was truly an amaizing missionary.  So I'm working on using the book of mormon a lot more and teaching a ton about the temples and a lot about the commandments. The 4 that are asked in the baptismal interview. I've grown to understand why tithing and the sabbath day are so important .

I've also been studying Jesus the Christ (at least this last p-day, chapter 22 or 21) about Jesus being the bread of life and how clearly he stated that only through eating his flesh and drinking his blodd can we gain eternal life. Clearly stated taking the sacrament and observing the sabboth. Which is the commmandment to take the sacrament. Super important and so easily over looked. John 6

Anyways these are the adventures and lessons and studies of this week. I'm working on trying to walk like Jesus, being patient and suffering all injustices, being meek and humble. Not easy, especially because its a habit for me to fight back but I'm learning to be more like the Savior. 

Also another note, this week becaus of carnival they had a special camp for the youth of the church and the single adults so that they can stay away from Carnival. So.....this family of recent converts has a daughter that's 15 and a son that's 19 that went. The daughter met Ana Paula who is our recent convert from Cobilandia and The son met wellington who is our  recent convert from Campos.  They are both still firm and super strong in their testimonies. Just made me super happy to know they are good and still super strong.

I loe you all and miss you so much,
Love Elder Simonsen

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