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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday February 9th, 2015 (Anchieta and Guarapari)

Alrighty so this week has been super fun and interesting and what not. Lots of trials and lots of prayers and maybe I'll start fasting (trying to avoid it because had a week that i fasted about 3 times.....) anyways Kyle (elder petersen) sent me an email and had a really cool fact.

"O Léo da serra saiu para missão essa semana. E também, há um cara da serra que me mandou uma mensagem do facebook; falou que nos (eu e você) o encontramos um dia mas ele nos rejeitou. De repente outros missionários vieram e ele acabou se batizando na igreja. E ele fala que foi por causa de nós, ele se interessou na igreja, depois de nosso primeiro encontro! Então está vendo?! Memo até depois uma transferência/missão, seu bom trabalho se manifestará! " 

maybe if you translate it works out good but basically a man that we met in Serra who denied us, later talked to the missionaries and was baptized, he sent a message to Kyle on facebook and explained the whole situation and that it was because of us that he joined the church. It really made my day and helped me be even more happy.

Alrighty so new area. I'm in a place called Anchieta in Espírito Santo. Its part of Guarapari Which is a super beach town and really beautiful. We live about 40 mins outside the city by bus and that is where our area then goes on for another hour and a half by bus. We have two cities in our area. Anchieta and Ipiuma. Both one day could easily become branches and Ipiuma maybe wards... but for now are part of one ward that it basically 3 cities. So i have to say this welcome to the ward has been interesting. I know the missionaries that have passed here, there have been good and then some that weren't so good. There have been problems with members and lunch and a couple of other challenges. But I feel really good about this area. We have a golden opportunity to really make a difference and help a ton of people. Some of the challenges are a little frustrating and eat away at patience but I know that the Lord has sent us here for a reason, that He has a great work that needs to be done here. I'm super excited and we are going to work super hard. I will definitely miss Campos, it was really difficult to leave. But the Lord is preparing people here for us to bring to His church. I really enjoyed what you said about keeping a treasure chest of spiritual moments because I need to do better at going back and looking and remembering. The Lord has done so many marvelous things and sometimes we forget to look back. I will have a ton more time to write in my journal now because I really cant call anyone :) hahaha i have a different area code and I literally can only call the zone leaders (they cant call me, just me to them) but it makes it really really hard to talk with the rest of our district in we'll see if we can fix that problem. 

My companion is Elder Pereira from brasilia (the capital) I know him a little from when i was zone leader the first time he was in the mission. He's back now for about 5 months and he is really good and he had a tough first companion but He's a very good guy. The sisters in our district are Sister Averell from califronia (6months) Sister Sosa fromUruguay (her second transfer), Sister Cabrera from paraguay(9months) and Sister Visser from Iowa(second transfer). So we have a young district compared with Campos where everyone was super old. but everyone is super excited. Other than that we havent done too much. Just getting to know our area and getting to know all of the recent converts and members and less actives andwe actually have a baptism date for next week. Her name is Talita and she is 19. I think maybe she could be a sister next year but we are going to first work on her being baptized, she is a reference from a member.

But anyways that the major update. Working a lot on patience, humilty, becoming a man of God and working as always to develop His attributes. I feel that honestly I was way better at that when I got in the mission. BUt I know that Through the Atonement I can become even closer to Him. Sounds like you all are having tons of fun at home and the pictures are amazing. Especially for your 20th aniversary. Thats crazy to think that you've been married that long.........haha must be tought getting old ;) But its actually really cool. There are a lot of families here that aren't together and marriage here isnt that big of a deal but however in the Lord's eyes it is. I'm glad emmy had a good birthday. So I'm working on sending her something but I have to work on it today and send it off probably tomorrow. Sorry. But I love you all and wish that I could say so much more and be there with you. LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!

Love Elder Simonsen

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