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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday February 23rd, 2015

haha if this is 78 degree weather I'll be toasted when I go back. Yesterday was not 78 more like 98 :P

Yeah its all good. We are super far away from everyone and we had 2 baptismal dates but for now they arent dates anymore. One we are waiting to hear back about her interview....the other is a young boy that's 10 years old. We dont have permission from his mom for him to be baptized and he keeps drinking coffee.....His sister isn't helping too much with the situation (she's a member and so is his other sister) but we are working on helping them and teaching them to keep the commandments and live the gospel of Christ. We are trying to teach the mom but for now its been super difficult. But we are trying to use the temple and family history to help. She has had 3 deaths in her family in the last 5 months. Mom, dad and her uncle. So we are going there today to teach her about the temple. The members here are really good and the love the missionaries. Like if they could have the missionaries in their house the whole day they would never let us leave....ever. Haha one member offered to build up her house so that we could come back and live here. It's super pretty here and the other cities in our area. I really think that if there was one place you would visit to see the beaches and the land it would have to be the cities in our ward. Super Beautiful

As for the pictures its because I'm always getting viruses. I lost them because of that. The memory card can hold 2,000 pictures or 3,000 and i only have 500 (well I had almost 800...) I lost a lot of videos that I took. Actually all of them. 

Anyways the things i've been studying this week. Trust in the Lord (completely) Jesus the Christ, character. Who the Lord wants us to be and yep marriage. So marriage was what I studied this morning because its p-day I'm just kidding, I studied it because yesterday we had divisions with members and went around the WHOLE day helping the to know where the members live in our area. Home teaching. But It was a super good experience because the Member explained a little bit about the marriage covenant that we make and who makes what covenant and who is responsible and things similar. IT made me wonder a little bit because here you see so many marriages destroyed and families divided and its a verry difficult situation for the families here. SO I wanted to know A little more and read in true to the faith about marriage ( I have no idea how to spell it anymore) And I learned a lot about how the relationship between a husband and a wife should be and how they should have nothing between them, and then how they should trust in the Lord. I learned a lot. 

I'm learning to trust in the Lord completely so that He will provide for us. Teaching by the Spirit. Studying and applying the doctrines and relying on the spirit to tell you what to say, literally in the very moment you need to talk. The thing i've learned from President Young is that the Spirit and the Lord don't alway (very rarely) work in a super quick instant response. IF we are patient and plead with the Lord and live worthy of His constant guidance and love we will recieve the answers to our prayer and the map of our life and the responses we need. But we have to trust in the Lord more than anything or anyone else. He must become our support. In Jesus the Christ I was studyin about the APostles and how they were taught to rely on the Lord completely and trust that they would know what to say in the moment they need it. It's a slow process but its line upon line, precept upon precept. There a little here a little. I've also been studying the plan of salvation, a little spanish (litteraly a little) and humilty and realizing that I am super prideful and very disobedient. That I don't know everything but what I do know, I know. Anyways I love you all and miss you tons. and leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Simonsen

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