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Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday January 19th, 2015

Alrighty so this week was super fun. We did lots of interviews, went to the universal church yesterday, and my compaion got his ligação de Morte. or in other words the death call or better stated, they called him to firm up the day that we will go home. And buy his plane yeah he has had a fun week and has been trying to not think about home. BUt we took advantadge of the opportunity to confirm the transfers in july and august and basically I already know the day I will go home as well. But I have 3 more months before they call me. It should be in the middle of july. If there is no 5 week transfer. ANyways enough with that, I only mentioned it because you asked me and so I asked. But all is well and you'll be so proud of me. I lead the music in the sacrament yesterday.........hahahahahaha yeah it was super interesting because we don't have any one that plays the piano so its all acapela and you have to sing the notes so that the congergation recognizes the song. That part was fine but I don't know how to lead music and its not as easy to sing and read the words in portuguese and keep time with your hand  and yeah it was fun and funny. The return missionaries (sisters) that usually do that got there right after the sacrament and saw and just laughed....they knew that i had no idea how to do it. but its all good I can check that off my bucket list. I don't think they will ask me to do it again..... :)

Alrighty other than that there isnt anything new or interesting or out of the normal that's happening. Everyone keeps giving us sun block so now we have a ton and they "force" us to use it everyday. (haha one lady threatened to beat us with a broom because we weren't using it) BUt we have tons now so........we shouldn't be burnt anymore..... ;) 

So I feel that I should write about the effect of my mission and how it has blessed me. I have been thinking about the mission and all the experiences that I've had and all the blessings that I've recieved and I cannot express the gratefulness that I have to have been given this opportunity to serve. There is nothing better that I could do in my life other than to raise a family for the Lord. The service we give will never, ever be replicated nor the effects ever be replicated. I have literally been a witness to the Pure love of God and have from time to time been a participant in feeling His love. Missionaries are literally angels sent from above to bless the lives of men. I've thought a lot about that, how everyone says we are angels and it truly is a perfectly accurate way to describe the work we do and the lives we change. I love being called on the Lord's errand because this work is true. I've had the opportunity to see many things and to witness many events and I can clearly see how much of the world is lost and in a fallen state. How many perish by the way side because they cannot find the truth because they know not where to find it. Other because they choose not to accept it. I'm so very grateful that I know the things I know.

I feel that the growth and the things I've learned on the mission have helped me so much in my life and in my testimony. I have grown so close to the Lord during this time and have felt the power that comes from mighty prayer. Of all things the biggest thing that I've learned so far on the mission is how to pray. It's not easy but it truly is the way we talk with God. Prayer is everything and is essential to our lives. It is a power beyond belief and enables us to do anything. I've learned to treasure prayer

. I feel inspired to share with you a mircale this last week. we have lunch every 3rd saturday in the house of a sister from the church who is a member for 10 years. Her husband has known of the church now for 7 and has never been there once, until yesterday. The missionaries have been eating there once a month for a year now and have always explained the first lesson and the book of Mormon. So when we went there yesterday we felt that we should do something different, we explained the plan of Salvation. And his eyes were opened, you could see the darkness leaving him and him being filled with light. You could see the joy enterning in his soul and his knowledge expanding. We invited him to come to church and gave him two good reasons. One his wife would be giving a talk and two that know he usderstood why these things were so important. (We gave him a third to watch our baptism but......the baptism didnt happen....) He LOVED church, he participated a ton and was asking about baptism and had a ton of questions. He also said that he would be back next week. The Lord has a plan it may not be ours and we may have to be super pacient but according to our faith in the Lord and our willingness to serve in every moment, miracles will happen. He hasnt accepted baptism, and we dont know if it will be us that will have that opportunity but I know that the Lord has worked a miracle in the life of this man and that the stone has begun to roll and it will go forward.

 I love my mission and I'm so very grateful for this opportunity to be here. So grateful for the love of my family and their support in this endevour. I know its not easy and I know that as the end aproaches it will only get harder. But I know with the surety of my Heart, that the Lord will provide a way. That we will recieve blessings and that they do not need be here on earth but that they may be in the eternities. The Lord will fullfill His word and has never ONCE not fullfilled it. I know this church is true, I know that we have a living prophet on the face of the earth and his name is Thomas Monson. I know that Joesph was a prophet of God and that he restored the true church of the Living God on earth and that he translated for us the Book of Mormon. I have had people question my testimony and attack but the things I know are not things that were taught to me by man but have come from God, our Heavenly Father. That is the essence of a testimony. That is our conversion." If any of ye lack wisdom let him ask of God" I love my mission and I love my friends and I love especially my family. I know these things are true and I invite you to know for yourself. Ask the Lord. He will show you the way. In the name of Jesus Christ ,Amen.

Elder Simonsen

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