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Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015

Well one more week more trials of faith but the Lord will always provide the way. We had some major changes in the mission this week. One was super good and I was super happy the other is one that I will have to work really hard to do but will do. So the first is that they changed how we follow up with the missionaries, we used to call them about 4 or 5 times a day to see how their investigators are and follow up very closely.....but now we can only do it once during the day :) So now we have a ton of more time to work in the Lord's errand and use all the time possible to teach and to really be where ever it is that we physcially are. The second is a newer tactic of "Strike while the iron is hot" Where we prepare the investigators as quickly as we can so that they can receive the ordances of Baptism and confirmation as quickly as possible. So we must now work even harder so that the work goes even faster.

But the main thing of this week is obedience and faith. Both are super important because the Lord asks of us these things. We often times must take a leap of faith and trust that our leaders are inspired and are following the Lords commands and be obedient to their counsels even when we don't agree or think it should be done. We must be faithful and humble and that is what the Lord will ask us to do. So accordingly we had a baptism this week. Last night actually and it was a pretty big miracle. We found Wellington about 2 weeks ago the day after new years day, and we decided to talk to him because here in campos there was literally no one in the street. It was apperent that he had been drinking that day but we managed to teach him about the gospel of Jesus Christ and decided to come back the next day to see if he had changed.....and he had changed completely, we couldnt talk to him to much that day because it was super late at night but he told us he would go to church with us the next day and that we didnt need to go find him, so we gave him the first pamphlet and sunday morning went to his house to "wake him up". When we got there he was already awake and leaving his house to go to church. He loved church. SO we kept visiting him everyday, teaching him. He read all of the pamphlets and did the questions in the back. When we went there to teach him the first lesson he was already asking about the Aaronic And Melchezidek Priesthood. So when these new changes came to the mission we were counseled to move his baptism date from the old date(this thursday) to sunday after church. He prayed and felt that he was ready. He truly is someone that has the Spirit of Christ and has suffered a dramtic change. He left all of the problems he had with the word of wisdom the first day we talked to him and never touched them again. Now we are trying to work with his family and help them to know the restored Gospel. He has a 31 year old sister who is super firm in another church but we are praying that her reading the book of Mormon will help her recognize the truth. She felt the spirit super strong when we taught her brother about temples and eternal marriage. Which is something that usually helps break the ice for some people and gives them such a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

We have another baptism scheduled for this sunday, we just have to teach her all the lessons...........and make sure she stopped smoking. But she is an amazing investigator we found using "he is the gift." She is a single mom with 3 daughters and she loves the peace from the gospel and loves reading the book of mormon. We are working with her daughter to see if we can help her feel the truthfulness of the gospel and the book of mormon is key in this process. She has already felt the spirit really strong and is hesistant because she is a member of the baptist church (the daughter) but we will continue trying to work with this family and do everything we can to help them.

Anyways other than that, we are all good. Super burnt, and tan, and I'm getting blonder each a day but i'm working hard and trying my best. I know the work that I am doing is true. I know that I am here to help the children of God come unto HIm through the restored Gospel. I know that at times it isnt easy but that the Lord will help us acomplish whatever it is that He asks us to do. I know that with God anything is possible. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God and that we have a living prophet here on earth today. I know that God lives and that Jesus Christ is HIs son and our Redeemer, and that  He lIves. I love you all and leave these things with you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Ps. I found my credit card so dont worry. But I wont buy shoes because a member already bought some for me....they are super nice shoes and will probably last a very very long time. I just have to check the sizes today. Also thats awesome about coach, thanks for sending it to me.

Love Elder  Simonsen

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