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Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday November 25, 2013

So we are teaching this 87 year old man. I have no idea what he is saying most of the time. I feel like sometimes he doesn't speak portuguese, but It's getting better where I can understand more.Anyways he has 23 kids. Yeah, he has had 4 wives I think. But he's a pretty interesting guy. He says he fought in the war against germany but we aren't really sure because sometimes he isn't all there when we talk to him. But he's a super nice guy and he's really cool to talk with but he is definitely difficult to teach. But we have a couple really cool people that we are teaching right nowand the work is going good. The last 3 days have been super rough because lunch was a 2 hour walk away. Then we have to walk back to our area and it is hot here. Like it's summer hot now. But it's nice because I have time to think and kind of relax and practice. I'm trying to memorize hymns in portuguese and right now I have I think only 5 memorized and just the first verse. But it's cool because it's starting get to the point where I don't remember the words in english any more and only in portuguese. (Oh I forgot to tell you but tasha got switched spanish speaking last week and Brennan is in an english area now) But portuguese is coming along really well.

According to everyone here I have a massive american accent because I cannot physically roll my r's but i'll get there ventually. But something super cool is I had the opportunity to give a wife of a member a blessing this week and it was really cool. It honestly felt just like a blessing in english. Exact same thing just no words in english. It was a very nice confidence booster this week. Oh this lady that I'm talking about, she isn't a member but her husband is in the stake presidency (i think) and she cooks amazing! And she says she doesn't like to cook but everytime we are there she is cooking for us or making something in the kitchen.She made us this juice and it smelled really weird like mint (oh from scratch) with pineapple and I was like okay i'll try it....AMAZING! My companion and I were shocked and then she said after she spilt alittle bit."It's a sin to throw this away.." And then something to the effect that the only other juice this good
 will be in heaven. It was so good ,I had like 6 cups.
We are going though some christmas withdrawls here. We can't remember the words to all the classic christmas songs so if you could send me the words I would sincerely appreciate it.But everything here is good. I'm missing american food a lot because we have beans, rice and chicken every single day here but I cook griled cheese hamburgers and corn on p-day. But we walk so much that i'm loosing weight and I'm still working out pretty well in the mornings.My companion and I get along awesome. i'm going to be really sad when he leaves but I'm so excited for him because he's going home. We have a zone conference tomorrow so I might get some letters tomorrow. Hopefully. Might just have to wait until the transfer. But things are awesome here, I'm with a great group of missionaries and working hard. Somedays are hard but the other days are worth it. Sorry I'm just super happy becuase we were singing christmas songs this morning. Anyways I love you all and Hope that you all are doing well and that you are reading the scriptures daily and praying daily because that is where the strenght is. The small and simple things in life are what cause the big things to come to pass.
Love, Elder Simonsen

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