Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Friday, September 20, 2013

CTM week 5

This week has been a good week, not too many different things. We just mostly followed the schedule and stuff. One of our investigators had his baptism on saturday and the other has his this saturday. We tried to explain baptisms for the dead to the on that had his baptism last saturday but the thing is we definitely don't know the word for for about 10 mins he definitely thought we took dead bodies in the temple and performed the ordinances. But the language is coming really well, we are focusing this week on becoming fluent in the things we know. I can teach the 3 lessons in portuguese without notes but only for about 20 mins for each lesson so just the basics but it's a huge relief to not have to be constantly looking at my notes.
 I haven't got your package yet but when It eventually arrives they will just forward it to the mission home so it will come eventually. As for what we know about our missions, you know as much as we do. This monday we find out our travel plans for tuesday when we leave but thats the only thing we will find out. I have one other elder going with me to my mission, I love this elder by the way he's from chile and we get along amazing!, and then 6 sisters, 2 from my district, one from that elders district and 2 native brazilians. I'm super excited to go to my mission though, I just can't wait to finally get there and start the work and be completely immersed in the language.
The church in brazil is growing like crazy right now, that's why they keep sending people here:p the country is so huge. Speaking of that scripture you sent me this last week we had Pres. Camargo of the Curitiba temple (president but just called ebcuase 2 weeks ago he was a counselor in the ctm presidency) come talk and he talked about the picture of christ knocking on the door and how that many people thought the artist made an error when there was no handle on the door but there isn't becuase it's the door to our hearts and christ can't invite himself in, we have to let him in. Yes pres. Camargo is amazing and when He speaks I always understand him. Which is good because the last devotional translation to english wasn't very even close to what he was saying this time.
That's cool for Kari though, that mission is really cold though. Like it;s the coldest mission in brazil. I'm so happy my mission is warm. I'm tired of all these northern us missionaries keeping the class at like 68. Litereally 68 degrees, and our room...i sleep with 3 blankets. But all is welll and moving forward. I love and miss you all and love you all so much. So who is the new bishop? Oh and don't worry about the package, it will come when I need it. Oh fun thing we were sitting with a teacher yesterday for dinner and my companion's name is Elder Thomas and MY name is Simonsen. and When you and them together in portuguese it kinda sounds like Elder Thomas eSimonsen. Hopefully you get that :P
Elder Simonsen

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