Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 4 CTM

That's cool about the stake conference and President Bennion will do great. I know the Lavoies pretty well actually from that scout camp this summer. Let me know who the new bishop is. As for a charger your talking about...idk what charger. I don't need a charger just the chord to trasnfer pictures from camera the to the computer. That's awesome courtney got moved up to varsity I hope she has an awesome race. Don't worry about the package getting here okay, it will it just depends on when it actually gets here.
We were on a city bus so, we didn't give him a book of mormon and we didn't have any left. Idk how everyone is doing on their missions. I haven't had time to read their emails, I just skim super quick before I leave. Seems they are doing good from what I get though.
This last week was brazil's independance day so that was actually really cool to experience. They decorated the entire cafteria with streamers and we actually had ice cream!!! It was the best meal we have had yet. But other then that they realy don't celebrate it too much. You should definitely listen to the national anthem though, It's really crazy on the piano. This weeks devotional was really good we had the area authority for Brazil come and talk and his wife talked. I could understand most of what they were saying but I left my journal in the class room so I didn't get great notes and I'll have to tell you more about it later because I honestly don't remember right now what it was about because that was the Elder and Sister Steadmans last day at the ctm and the talks were really great and spiritual but for me the songs are what stood out. We sung the olive tree in portuguese and one of the teachers here sung it for us first and he was an amazing singer, never would have ever guessed it but the spirit was amazing. Then we (our district did a musical number) and it went really well, and then becuase it was the steadman's last devotional we sung God be with you till we meet again and Elder Steadman, he's pretty old but he's such an amazing guy I love talking with him, starts crying while we were singing and it was just a super spirit filled song. And before we shook the authorities hand I got to give Elder Steadman a huge hug. The people here at the ctm are such amazing men. The other Elder that is always here is Elder Adams and he is in our branch presidency and I've been able to talk with him and he's given talks and they just have amazing stories and are just awesome.
The best part of the weeks are usually the devotionals but the mtc is still fun, the schedule is nice but doesn't leave me much to talk about other then I spend most of the day studying. Our investigators are doing really good, one is almost ready for baptism next week and the other just broke up with his girlfriend to live the law of chastity so things are going really well there. As for going out again anf giving out book of mormons  we don't go again because that's essentially what the mission is like. BUt I found out this week that vitoria has cities but around those cities is tons fo forests and homes in the forests and stuff like that so I'm super excited for that because  honestly I didn't like being in sao paulo because I don't enjoy super crowded cities and stuff but I'll go where I need to go. Today I get to [pick up my scripture case, I only got one for my bible because I got a cheap one for the BOM so they don't match but I wasn't going to spend that much for two cases. But on the front I got that picture you got signed for me by I think greg olsen when jesus is hugging the guy and on the back I got that one when jesus looks over the vity from a hill because it looks really good when this guy does it in leather. And for your letters I have wrote only courtney's so I can't send them today becuase we are only supposed to write and p-day and I never have enough time but I wll get them done by next friday. 100%
Okay I love you and  miss you all so much!!!!!
Elder Simonsen

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