Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay I dont have much time and the keyboards are different so just go with it. Brazil is actually really chilly, like there is a constant breeze in the mtc because there are a lot of open hallways with just covers but its so pretty here. They have hills all ofver the place and they are steep and there basically isnt any traffic rules for motorcycles so they do what ever they want. I sat next to connor on the 9 hour flight and got some sleep not too much but maybe like 5 hours. Our seats werent exactly next to each other so we moved until they let us stay. Every one here speaks portuguese all the time so it was pretty crazy at first but then the elders would eventually speak english to us. The largest group is the spanish here then english missionaries and then brazilians becuase they only stay for like12 days or something.
The food is really good but I honestly have no idea what Ive been eating. We had some kind of meet with cabbage and some other interesign food that was good. Idk what the drinks are either. They all seem to be carbonated but Ill try the jucies tomorrow. Sorry I cant find the appostrophe or what ever its called on the key board. Dinner was a kind pizza stuff they cooked in like a brick oven in the cafeteria which is incredibly small. like 1 out of 6th size of the provo cafeteria and honestly I feel like there are only a couple hundred missionaries here at most. It was the 2nd largest mtc until mexico opened up its other one a week ago. I actually had to fight with those clamp things for one slice of pizza and when I sat down I understood why everyone was fighting for the last was amazing! idk what it was though. oh and they have a track that is literally like 50m yeah super small thats why this mtc is so small because its packed in here. Ill probably get fat at this mtc so dont worry the food is really good. all the elders are really nice too so thats cool.
its so beautiful here and so much fun. I hope all is well and thank you for sending me all the stuff for the plane ride. I really appreciate it. We just got out of the devotional by elder scott and it was amazing. broadcast but still just as amazing. He blessed us twice with the gift of tounges and it was all about prayer. Okay got to go . I love you all!!!!!!!

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