Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Friday, August 30, 2013

CTM ~ Week 2

I'm glad the font is smaller :p but you wrote a huge, huge letter so we'll see how far I can get. I was wrong about the time I get, haha I only get 45 mins to write so it took me about 10 to read your letter :p I'm glad emmy is potty trained and that she had so much fun at disney. I thought I was going to fall off my bed too the othere night because we sleep on bunk beds and after our brazilian roommate left I tried his bed and it's just way too shakey. That's cool she's growing up too fast though :(
That's awesome courtney didn't get cut till the 7th lap! That was always one of the most fun races. Have fun in mrs jens class though... don't tell her I didn't like her. I think she thought she was one of my favorite teachers. has she even realized your my sister yet? :p
For the phone I think the password is like Brexton24 or something. She can refill the phone on the phone. It's a specific app. Soccer sounds fun! I'm sure it's way better then sitting around doing nothing like she has been. Those days drive me crazy. What cool though is here I wish we had more time. Days are long but there isn't enough time for everything. Like emails for example or what not. As for seminary it will still be fun, dont worry about everyone going to creekside, your not there for them you're there to learn. And it will pay off if you learn sooner then later.
That awesome kiara has mckinze in her class (sorry no time for spell check) that will make things so much fun in class.Mr. siegel is awesome shes going to love his class. And she is going to learn so much about drama from him. As for that skinny class...idk how to respond. I said it out loud and every one was like they called the class what? Soccer is going to be tons of fun.
That's rough about the end when grandma couldn't help but it was nice of some lady to grab talon. Haha that could have been way worse.
That's good he's coming to scripture study, I wish we had more time for it. I spend most of my time reading in portuguese and then what I don't get reading it in english and it takes like at least 30 mins for a chapter. I'm not surprised about the holes. Haha that's awesome he got it done though. I definitely would have had to take way longer to have done it.
Yeah I haven;t heard anything about back home. Like we don't hear anything about anything. It's kinda like prison because we don't really get sunlight but it's tons of fun. We have ahispanic group of elders we hang out with a bunch and we have been talking to lav's district because they have temple day with us. Let me know how the stae meetings go and stuff. Should be interesting how everything changes. Haha it's so much fun going to those firesides, it's cool because we have 2 each week. one either wednesday or tuesday and one sunday night. The last one was by elder anderson when he talked at provo on tuesday. It was good, mostly about following the spirit.
Not much has happened since last week. We learn everyday more words and we  are getting really good at beginning lessons and teaching but we still rely alot on written notes but we can understand most of what they say, most of the time.... the other day we went to teach one investigator ( our teacher) and didn't even get to the lesson because we spent most of the time talking about quitting smoking. We went to the sao paulo temple is the most beautiful temple I have been in. It was just so beautiful. It doesn't look like a lot from the outside but the inside is amazing. The session was in spanish, bc we went with the hispanic group so we had to wear headphones but they made one of the guys in my district do portuguese and he is the one who is having the hardest time with it. Afterwards he was like "i dont eve know what I said" . Really cool and neat experience though. Oh and across from the temple was a WALMART!!!!!! they exsist :) we couldnt go though. It was just nice to know its there. I;m going to try and get postage stamps today because in reality it's way easier for me to get a lot more for everyone in our family individually that way and then I can use this email to talk about the week and such less personal stuff. Oh pizza by the way, they have this pizza that is like nutella chocolate and has bannan's on it. Heaven on earth. Please send the card to the ctm. If you send it to the mission home idk when I'll actually get it and if they will hold on to it and realize i'm coming.
I miss you all and love you tons!
Elder Simonsen
Tell them I say hi too!

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