Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday October 7, 2013

Conference was interesting, we were late to all the sessions except the last one on sunday. But I loved conference, it was really good, in portuguese. Priesthood was really good and sunday morning. The others i got as much as I could from them and i got quite a bit but its completely different in another language. i'm glad my letters came and the reason they came so quick is becuae the smaller the package the faster they come. The larger it is it takes way longer.idk why. but as for mail and packages here in the field i get them every six weeks. the president just wants them sent to the mission home becuase it's easier to distribute them at transfer meetings and through the zone leaders then having them get sent to the wrong house and trying to figure that out. But i'm super happy you got the letters, and I will write more eventually but i don't have as much time in the field as I did at the mtc. I get the liahona monthly so don't worry about a subscription but I hope to eventually get conference in english. This last session, not april, i already have april.

The area is really cool and the members are really awesome. We get feed us a ton here.  They have really big lunches in brazil and they don't really have dinner but we get feed so much we don't need dinner. I got some hot dogs from the store last week and for like 3 bucks i got like 40 hot dogs or something so that was really cool. As for rain it rained like 2 times since i've been here but after the first session of conference saturday we dedcided to try and go get a investigator to come with us to conference and it was right after the talk about tithing and the heavens being opened and us recieving blessings...I can testify the heavens were opened and we got soaked. Like we had small rivers running down the streets and the wind was crazy. I looked like I jumped in a pool. and i was that wet. MY scriptures got wet too :( My leather case protected my triplice alright but I didn't zip it up and I din't zip up my bible and the leather binding protected most of the stuff but the center of the books got soaked. SO yesterday they were drying ally day and saturday night. They are okay they just don't look as nice anymore. And my preach my gospel got a little deystroyed last week because I left in in my backpack one day and I sweated through the layering and the outside cover got deystoryed but everything else was fine. BUt don't worry all is well. RUning through the rain was so much fun and a once in alife time expereince. Got soaked by a bus too, it went right through a puddle but I was soaked anyway. I met an elder our zone leader and him and I get along really well. He's a convert but him and I talk about the spirit so much and we are like best friends. Also we were talking about patriarichal blessings, there has been a bit of a focus on it this week with us idk why but they are really cool and I enourage you to go study yours. The only thing here that makes me sick is riding the bus, or driving in a car. We all thought we were going to die yesterday riding in a members car to lunch. The roads arent smooth and people floor it and slam on the brakes. I get so sick. Food wise I've had rice and beans for every meal for about ever now and it's not bad, I like it, I just can't wait to have humburgers. The meals are really good though and there is always ome kind of juice with our meals. The members are awesome and the land is beautiful we are in a valley of sorts and thesurroudning areas are mountians covered in trees and stuff. It's so beautiful. We are going to try and get my camera fixed today so hopefully I can send you pictures eventually.

Thank you for the quotes, I didn't get most of those or even hear those so I really appreciate it.

I love you all and miss you so much. I'm learning so much about myself and the gospel and the spirit. The spirit i the best companion you can ever have and it's so important to have the spirit with you. Remember obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles.

Love Elder Simonsen 

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