Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28, 2013

Yeah so I didn't get your letter last week but getting two this week was really nice. And I really appreciated it this week. Idk why but it was really good to read it. This week has been really good but I'm really glad dad went and said something to kiara's coach. I've been wondering how she as been doing in school and soccer. I'm glad they moved her to a new team. I hope that she gets more playing time and as for that coach....I'm a missionary and I can't share my opinion ;) Thats cool brook is so close to getting her permit, It will be scary when she gets to start driving but It will be a really good thing too. Just remember, no matter how bad she drives or courtney, I promise, promise that they don't drive as bad as brazilians. I don't ever want to get into cars's so scary. Who needs speed limits here or stop signs? They don't do anything and the what ever they want all the time. But its fun and all the more interesting. I've been so close to a bus one time it basically scraped my back pack...but all is good. As for coutrney that's awesome about going to regions, just tell her to remember that even though your spending the night, keep your routine because you will be more tired the next day then you normally are because you stayed in a hotel. But I know she will run great. Just don't forget to pray before the race. That's hilarious about talon and emmy. They are so fun. It's weird not having little kids around all the time and when they are here it's impossible to understand them.
Yes I still need the chord, not that I can do anything with it in this area because the usb ports dont work here /: but I'll need it eventually. I haven't got your package yet but It will come, just takes time. Oh and everyones packages here have pictures of jesus on the cover, Idk if that makes a difference but it's just funny for me to think about. I got grandma's letter and linely's as well. Letters come really quick but everything bigger comes later. We got letters this last week because Elder Gavarret was here ( a seventy) and we had a big meeting in vĂ­toria with the three zones closest to us. It was a super cool and spiritual experience but so they have wooden benches in the chapel and I thought I was going to die. We sat there from 8 until about 12:30...I cannot sit still through one hour of sacrament on these benches! But It was really cool and I understood almst every word except for when president talked...He has an accent because he is from fortelaza but I always get the message at least. I need to practice talking more in portuguese because I have a really hard time with the tenses because they have six where as we have 3 (past present and future) but I had the opportunity to teach and english class saturday and it was really hard to speak about the gospel in english. For example, I forgot the name of the church in english...yeah didn't see that coming. It was really funny though.
Okay so yesterday another funny story. This is about hot sauce called pimenta. So we are at a members house for lunch, the usually rice, beans, and the unusual really amazing meat coca-cola and dessert. So they pull out this hot-sauce the grandpa makes and one of the other americans (a texan) takes some he's like I love hot sauce. SO I'm like me too! I'd love to try some. So he dips a knife in a dropps the juice on my rice and I'm thinking that's it? So I ask him for that 4 more times.....and then take a bite after was the hottest hot sauce I have ever had in my entire life!!! I was already sick( yeah I've been sick pretty much this whole week, runny nose, terrible cough, but it's all good I can still proselyte) my nose was running like crazy, I was crying but it tasted so good. So I ate it ALL. They thought I was suffering and were sincerely concercerned but it was the best hot suace ever. It was so funny. And the grandpa said before I leave to go home (because I kept telling them I loved it) he would make one and give it to me :D Anways that's my story for this week. Everything is good the people are awesome and I'm doing ggreat. I love you all so much and pray for you every night and day. Sorry If I didn't answer your questions but I took forever writing this. So ask them again next week. Always talk to everyone about the gospel because the spirit will be there whether or not you feel it or they feel it but the spirit will be there.
Yeah the area is really nice and thank you for sending grandpa's blessing to me. There is just a big focus among the missionaries about our blessings and I was curious about his. I have 20 new emails today but I don't usually read them all and about 5 are probably for the mission. But I'm doing really good. I'm glad you all are recieving blessings because If I'm honest I don't see how I could need more here. I have been so blessed with the language, investigators and other things.
Love Elder Simonsen

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