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Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday May 12th, 2014

Alrighty, I don't have much time again...long letter to president but it's all good just relating the fun events of the week. But first of all i haven't done anything with family history sooooooo idk who is using my account or if they just went in and changed something but the only time we really use the computer is on monday so.  idk what's happening there. Thats way cool about sharing the gospel with that lady at the soccer game, if you realy want to help the missionaries get her address or maybe just her phone number and pass it to them. Just be like i have some wonderful friends that can really explain better than me and they will be oer at my house (whatever day you want) for a family night. Woud you like to come too? Do some fun fhe or something and everybody wins. EVERBODY. Because missionaries get a reference from a member, get to go to fhe and if their lucky there is food there :D oh yeah and the family gets blessed and the other family gets the gospel...those last two are probably more important ;) 
That's cool about the waters of mormon, I'l have to think about that a little more.
Haha Elder Ellis! Why was he in orlando? So yep that's my email this week I love you a nd miss you and y'all are rich spoiled peoples with your smartphones so that's it. Love you
Elder Simonsen :)

Mother's Day Skype (that's why todays letter is so short)

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