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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday May 19, 2014

Yeah another fun week, Lots of things that are happening here. Lots of disobedience but it's all good. We had to be a little more firm and clear but we now that we will have a lot more success. Yeah my companion talked to his parents and the problem is that here not every one has a computer let alone a computer with a camera and then there is the whole internet connection and if it's fast or slow and yeah. But everyone talked to their family so its all good.
As for the sisters they could do a fireside or teach during that third hour during church and have everyone together. YES it has a ton to do with trust and it's very clear sometimes when their is none. Just try to be friendly to everyone. Because we know who does not like us. SOmetimes it's not even our fault. They didn't like other missionaries and because of that they don't trust the new ones. We have one lady, her husband loves me and loves the missionaries but its always always a little more difficult to talk with her. BUt it the responsibility or the member and the missionary to rebuild the bridge that was destroyed by the other missionaries. It really is all about that trust and who is the missionary and how the missionary acts. They have to learn for themselves the importance of members in the work. A lot of missionaries don't understand this and they don't use members and don't treat the members well. Thus their work is hindered. The best investigsators are refrences. Also some missionaries don't like to be told they are doing something wrong let alone by a member. And everyone always loves the sisters more. They have an easyness with the Spirit sometimes. The thing i think is important is that we as missionaries have the same responsibility to call out the members to work more with the missionaries to go give visits, refrences, and to help more. The members have this responsibility as well. The prophet has made the call and we now have to act.
yeah I'm writing in my journal about every 3 days because some days i don't have time at night, forget and end up writing the next day before personal study. And yes I remembered that it was about one year ago that I entered the temple and that I am so very grateful for that opportunity that I had and how much I have grown and learned since that day. Oh and by the way I found if you could hie to kolob in portuguese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sister made a copy and gave it to me yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its really hard to sing in portuguese.....

That's crazy that court graduated and still hasnt written me a letter! But that will be so much fun for her to stay at home with the 2 little ones. Is she going to work during this time? Is she still working at the pre-school? Also I was pondering on how skinny I've gotten and I finally did the math...I've lost about 23-26 pounds.....yeah that's a lot. I gained maybe 1 back this transfer but yeah, so I'm eating a ton now. Haha lots of fun. But its all good. HAving lots of fun, reading the doctrine and covenants. ALmost finished. Finally working more in our area, and having tons of success there. The Spirit is truly guiding us in every part of the work. Oh yeah I sent you all a package, I will never ever do that again. I sent you all my pendrive, and some other little cool things I bought. The Bear is for talon, the dolphin for emmy, the armadillo is mine :p and the plate is yours. I didn't feel safe sending the pendrive with all my photos in only a letter so I sent the smallest package I could buy. It was 42 reals to send.....and had practically nothing in it.Also has 3 letters, one for dad, court and grandma simonsen. The rest of the letters will come later after I write them.
Alrighty I love you all and miss you all so  much!
Love Elder Simonsen

Elder Simonsen and other Elders- Elder Miller (on the couch was going home) 

 Elder  Simonsen's shoes - Old ones on the bottom, new ones on top
Elder Miller & Elder Simonsen 

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