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Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday May 26th, 2014

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Wow so this is a super long letter but I'm super happy it was super detailed and lots of details. I really appreciate that. I'm super happy that the packae got there. Really fast. I hope nothin was broken. But I really like those glass animals. I hope I can get more. I'm kinda missing them already. I've actually had them since elder Peterson left. But yeah that's awesome you got to spend so much time in the temple. I thought about that a couple of days ago. How cool it's going to be to be able to go to the temple again and how sweet it's going to be to be able to sit somewhere and just stay there for as long as you want. I actually had a random memory come one day when i was walkin about the last time I went to the temple in the states. It was the one where we went to the burger place afterwards and it was expensive. But I really enjoyed that memory, it was really sweet for me. But afterwards I really wanted a hamburger.
(Haha just realized that you put today was memorial day, completely forgot)

So just to put the big thing on my mind out of the way. We have transfers tomorrow. Me and my companion were transfered. So...who knows what will happen next week. Where I'll be what I'll be doing and all that fun stuff. My suit cases are so full and so heavy. I keep getting more books and I feel like I can't leave them because they are important. my socks on the other hand.....I'm leaving a lot of those ;) I'm super excited for the package and I'm actually kind of glad you haven't sent it yet. I'm going to ask that you put an ipod in it. Perferably an old one that isn't super important. All the music you put on is awesome and I'm so grateful for the pendrive but....only the actual hymns of the church work. On everything that I try....yeah. so if you feel like It i would really appreciate it. Ipod, charger, and tons of music of the church and conference if you want. Portuguese, english doesnt matter. but it's up to you and dad. If you don't want to send it it's all good.

As for the girl that want's to be baptized. Keep doing what you told her. It will come with time. President Monson's talk about courage would be good too because it will help her feel comforted and the only other thing that she could do is just talk to her parents. If she doesnt tell them how she feels and what she knows to be true. They will never know or understand.
Crazy that courtney will graduate. that will be so much fun. Take tons of pictures!. I love getting pictures. (I know you do too)
As for scripture study I finished the doctrine and covenants this week. It was really good and I learned so much. There is so much in there that you just will not know until you read it. It's cool bcause it also takes you through the church history and you can feel the experiences they had. Yes I ponder and apply. You have no choice your life is the gospel every day. It's natural. I really like thinking about the temple though. Andbtw that's a really nice dryer and washer.
Alright, I love you all and miss you so much
Love Elder Simonsen

Here figured you'd want this :p

 (second email today, yay!!!! I love these type of letters!!!) 

We have transfers tomorrow, should be a ton of fun. I was transfered so who knows where I will go or what I will be doing next week. I finished the doctrine and covenants last week. Took a while but it was really cool to read. I learned so much about the church, and the doctrines and have such a better understanding of them. The principle thing I learned this transfer is that knoweldge is only a means. It is really our desire that gets us there and our faith. Basically the most important thing we have is our testimony and faith. Both of which are given to us by the Holy Ghost. Studying the doctrine and Covenants and the book of mormon in depth shows that all those who have great knowledge where shown or given or adquired it was in accordance to their faith. That was inaccordance to their desire. Faith and desire are super interrelated but it leads me to understand better the scripture. Aks and ye shall recieve. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. It is our testimony and faith that lead us to action, that give us our drive. And it is because of their faith that men become great. I like learning about the Apostles and their lives and those of the prophets in the scriptures. The Apostles has super faith and if you look at their lives they have done great things. Are great men and have studied amazing things. It is our desire to learn that comes from our faith that is amplified throuht the Holy Ghost, that only dwells with us based on our worthiness for his companionship. The Spirit really opens our minds and leads us to greater insights. One of the ways through which we recieve revelation is like a light that turns on , the other like the sun rise.(I learned that from a talk by Elder bendar about revelation) Its really cool because how we recieve revelation is how we recieve knowledge. Anyways thats one of the things I learned this transfer, I just wanted to share it because it actualy has to do with the book Jesus the Christ and can be seen in the life of the author Elder James E Talmage. Love you dad and miss you tons.
Elder Simonsen

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