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Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday June 16, 2014

SO yeah I'm super early today I know, so we are going to the mall today and we have to be out of there by like noon so we had to come early today. Should me fun, President authorized it so we'll see how it goes, but anyways this week was pretty good. HAd a date, that fell the day before but we are still trying with her. She just has a couple of difficulties but she is willing to try. She just is really scared, so we are working with the members a ton. The difficulty we have is that she works at home, and never leaves her home, basically ever. SO that is what we are trying to help her do, feel more comfortable with the members. Other than that the work is still going. Rained all day one day and it was the day we helped a sister move. Yeah it was really fun, I have no idea how they got the couch in her house, we maneged to get it out of her old but not to get it in her new house. The doors are really small here and the stairways to houses are really crooked and slippery, and the the house itself is really small. But it was a super fun experience, I had a white shirt, it's still mosty white now. But we at least picked up the address of the moving truck guy and he said he'll go to church one day. 
So this week was the world cup and it really wasn't that bad. We had to stay home all day but the streets, houses, cars, and people were all painted and decorated. You could hear the whole neighborhood explode when brazil had a goal. It was interesting. That day I slept after lunch until the game started and then after that there was no way to sleep anymore. BUt i'll send you some pictures. it is super pretty. We had a zone conference last week with 3 zones. Yeah I got 12 letters :0 I got brooks and kiaras and grandma Stakers and like a ton from grandma SImonsen. The secretaries are always saying that I get the most letters :) Thank you so much for them I really appreicate them. But yeah we didn't do anything that day. Spent the whole day there, playing basket ball with the Americans and the playing a game called signs. Took a picture with president. ALl that good stuff. Eating cake, getting fat. 
Speaking of which our ward here loves the missionaries so much, that yesterday we had 2 lunches......2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yesterday we went to lunch at one sisters house and while we were their I had the relief society president call me saying that another sister made lunch for us why weren't we there and then we all realized that the other sister had just mixed up the days. SO they asked me to go there and like schedule dinner or something at here house....So I knew 1 we would not have time to come back for dinner and 2 I should play it safe and take the other missionaries with me. SO I did and we got there and the sister was so happy and started putting food on the table and yeah so we ended up eating there too. We ate from 12:30 to 5 yesterday........It was so hard, and hurt so much but we couldn't tell that elderly sister no so we buckled up and ate, and drank so that she wouldnt feel bad...I don't think I've ever aten that much in my life. I ate at least 5 full plates yesterday both sisters also had desert and they bought soda. Neither of them drink soda so we had to...therefore yesterday I died. BUt that was the fun experiences for this week. I love you all and just remember sometimes, even though you all love the missionaries remember that if they say they aren't hunger, chances are it's because they've eaten already :p
Love elder simonsen

a second letter 
fathers day sounds like it was super fun, I can't imagine seeing talon doing his dance. YEah the tv looks pretty sweet but idk what yall are going to do with it. Sounds tough about Mr. rule, only thing that I can think of would be that he needs to read the book of mormon and the sisters can't visit him only once a week. If they do the rest of the week he will forget and wont read or do the commitment. I don't know about quest but what I'll do is I'll write them letters. I'll mail them off  tomorrow and just give them to them when they get back from quest if they get there in time. SHould be fun going to utah. I need to write grandma Butcher a letter. I've been meaning to for a while. Take pictures! oh and if you could send me a picture of me ad talon at the zoo in front of the turtle I would be so happy. Just in email would be perfect. Take pictures when yall go to idaho. I don't know nothing about there. but should be lots of fun

also if you could look into fasfa for me that would be sweet. Like when we have to do fasfa for next year when I get back and when byu wants us to do the scholarships and stuff. I would appreciate it.
Sister gave a talk about going home and so Ive been thinking bout it on the days of the brazil games, what is it that I will do , am I following Gods pla for me. Is my will His? AM I following what He's told me. So that was just somethng that I've been thinking about nd what not. BUt just so you know I've bee trying for a while now to have a prayer guided by the spirit and finally this week had one. It's so hard because I've changed so much since I became a zone leader. and I'm workig a ton on my pride.and charity and stuff. Its not easy. But I'm progressing. I love you and have to go. 
Love elder Simonsen
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