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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday June 30, 2014

Alrighty so we now have a new President, President Young. And we will have a meeting with him tuesday to hear him talk and see him so that should be fun. Saturday had brazil's game. That was crazy I don't know if you all heard but brazil barely won. Went to pk's and barely won. So we were all locked up inside our house and we thought the game ended at 3 but at about 4 the whole city started going crazy, then dead silence, the crazy again, then silence and repeated about 4 times. So it was obvious to figure out what was going on. But because brazil won we won't have any chance to work friday...because of the game we have to stay inside the whole day. So should be a ton of fun.
We have a couple of cool things that are happening, we are teaching this one family and the husband is a member but the wife and kids aren't and it's really complicated but the wife is starting to open up and being more friendly with us and letting us teach the kids everyonce in a while and it's just incredible how that house is changing. She was completely against the church and is going to another church and complicated stuff but we have been visiting them a ton and we had a super spiritual lesson with the first vision with them and that was kind of what opened the door. Afterwards we were able to dedicate the house, and then give a blessing to her son, and just these little things are so huge. We had an activity with them yesterday using lehi's dream to teach about the importance of the book of Mormon, and it appears that she really liked the activity and it made everyone think. We are super excited about this family and are working super hard with them. 
We also took someone to church last week, we've been having a really hard time with that, so that was huge. The lessons with her are super spiritual and she says she's feeling the spirit but she is also saying she won't leave her we are working just as hard with her. 
Other then these two developments this week was a unnormally hard week, a couple people cut us, no one would talk to us, had days this week and the week before that we only taught one lesson the whole day. But it's all good, we are still going and we are no where close to being desanimated.It all comes with time and we are planting a ton of seeds. 
So this week I started really reading Jesus the Christ in portuguese and I'm in the parables and it's really cool how reading in portuguese is like reading again for the first time. It's something really exciting. I'm reading mosiah too, and learning a ton. I guess the biggest lesson of this week and last really has to be your relationship with God and putting off the natural man and becoming a Saint through the Atonement of Christ. THere is so much we have to learn and so much we have to do and even if your tired you still have to keep going and the Lord will bless you. He answers our prayers and through prayer we can learn HIs will. Read, study and apply the book of Mormon and your life will be enriched and you will be enlightened by the Holy Ghost. I love you and miss you all so much. 

Love Elder Simonsen
P.S. Thanks for the quotes

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