Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday July 7th, 2014

Alrighty so this week was interesting and at the same time nothing really happened. First off we had a meeting with the new President, President Young. He's really cool and awesome and a ton of things in the mission are going to change. He spent the last 18 years in the stake basically my entire life. 9 years as first counselor and 9 as the stake president. But he is a man that really walks with the Spirit and leaves everyone feeling good about themsleves after he talks  to them. Sister Young is amazing. She gave her talk in english and Pres. Young translated for her but her testimony is so powerful and she is one of the women that just loves every one. She just has such a huge love. She rememinds me of Misses Clause. She is really cool but she is super nervous too. So all of us American Missionaries went over there and talke with her in english a bunch and she is really a super cool lady. We all had time to have a little quick interview with pres. Young and it was interesting because of the reactions of the missionaries to the interview. One sister she came up to me afterwards just beaming saying it was one of the best interviews she has had on the mission and felt the Spirit so strong. Another missionary was super dissapointed and was complaining a little about the interview and just left a bad feeling hearing him talk. My interview was really good. Like really good. I enjoyed it a ton.He asked me questions that made me think. He asked me what the highlight of my mission was and i had to sit there and think because I had never ever thought about that. Then he asked why and some other stuff but it was a super good interview.
Anyways that really was the highlight of the week. Other than that, rain and more rain and I'm super grateful for my jacket because umbrellas just don't work with missionaries (you always lose them) The work here is tough but we are all right, doing good and being dilligent. 
Sounds like you all are having a ton of fun and doing lots of fun stuff. Paintballing, coanoeing, 4th of july. Must be a tough life. the 4th of july here I sang national anthems and we spent the whole day inside because of the Brazil game. I did eat 6 hamburgers though...yeah I thought I was going to die afterwards. Good luck with that date, i don't think she's told him she's going to byu-i....just wait until college because it will only be better and more fun and way colder. Way way colder. But yeah she needs to get her licensce.It will be weird with all 3 of us driving when we get back. Should be fun, we can totally race ;) 
So as for us in our apartment. Yeah we cook me and elder park do the dished because no one else does them. I clean the apratment, by myself but it's all good. Today we are actually going to eat at a restuarent really quick because we are going to go hike the mountian today if weather permits. But it's allwell and all good and going. We will be here another 6 weeks so it's all good.
And as for psalms I was thinking about looking a little more into it but I don't like reading the bible in portuguese. Like at all, and if i get the english bible out I have the triplice and next thing I now i've been reading in english for like 2 hours..........but sometimes it's worth it.
Sorry this week isn't a huge long letter but I'm all good and its all fine. Love you all and miss you tons]
Love Elder Simonsen

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