Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday July 21, 2014

I'm glad you all got my letters already, I paid a ton for them. Haha I wasnt paying attention and he sent them priority and yeah... he charged me a ton. I was hoping they would get there before you left for utah. Also while your there, I sent grandma butcher a letter and in her letter is grandma and grandpa nelson's letters too. So if you could make sure it gets to them I would really apprieciate it. Sounds like you all are having a ton of fun and going to the baseball game would be awesome! Especially after going to the beach and just relaxing in the sun would be nice :p 
Yeah I thought it might be heading that way, you can usually tell when they start canceling the appointments but it will all be good because you planted a seed. What happened with the Latassa's? 
This week was pretty normal, we worked a ton, taught a ton, and then no one went to church. BUt we did have one man who went to church, he just can't be baptized because he's not married and they have a while before they can get married....but he's pretty cool. It was even better when we showed up at church and we had 2 investigators there that one a member brought out of no where and the other was a brother of a member who we hadn't been able to contact this last week. We actually went and taught him last night and the spirit was super strong, he's a super cool kid and his brother just left on a mission a month ago. He's super excited and is thinking about serving a mission.... so we are just going to help him a long :) Other than that we are working with some other refrences that we have gotten from members. Trust me they are the best people to work with. There is no better person than someone who knows a member. But you have to help the missionaries follow-up with the investigator. It makes their life so much easier and they have a support system. SO yes I have been studying the importance of members in PMG chapter 9. And it is super important but so difficult to teach the members. BUt it will work with time.
Yeah life is back to normal, it's a lot easier to work with people because we can visit them every day. The streets are still painted, just fading, but its all good. Yeah brazilians are fine with americans, just some times they think your german. Which seeing as germany beat brazil 7-1 sometimes isnt a good thing. A couple of people in the street the day after asked if I was german even before I had a chance to say grateful to be american :) as for packages, I'm not too sure but generally now no one knows when we will get anything. Every 6 weeks is transfers but idk. Haha we don't even have planners, I'm reusing old ones. but it's all getting worked out. and it's all good.
But yeah not too much is happening, I hope you all have fun in idaho and good luck finding stuff there. MAybe you should take grandma SImonsens GPS or you could use your awesome phone i guess........that might work 
But I love you and miss you so much!
Love Elder Simonsen

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