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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday July 28th, 2014

Wow sounds like a ton of fun. I defintely want to visit the lake you all visitited. It's so beautiful. I defintely miss the moutians. So I'll start first off explaining the sunday morning I went to take a shower to get ready for church and the thing here is that the shower heads are elctrified. (Yes I've already been electricuted by one of them, I was playing around trying to get hot water, it wasn't bad just a good shock to let you know don't play around with it a ton.) anyways I noticed that some of the wires where the electric tape was was glowing when I turned on the shower. Like as if it was an ember and thought "that's not good..." so turned it off and on until it stopped glowing. Then took a shower and about halfway through the shower it starts glowing...and glowing...and GLOWING and then has little flames coming up and starts popping like popcorn. So I gave up and the shower and figured it had just over today, I went back to see if it had fixed, turned on the shower and BAM starts bopping and electricity starts flying through the air. yeah I turned it off pretty quick. Anyways I went back and that wire isnt connected anymore, broke in 2. :) So yeah fun stuff down here. I really miss real showers. But don't worry we have another shower that works mostly and I'll talk to the member that knows how to fix them today after p-day or tomorrow...this week sometime when I make it to his house or get tired of cold showers.
But this week was super cool, found a huge family that we hve taught everyday since monday. 10 people at least everytime we are there. The one who is really progressing is the 15 yearold daughter. She went to church yesterday with her cousin and her brother and we were coming back asking about church and what she thought and she said she felt good. So I told her that's because the "felt the Spirit and that he was tesfying the church was true. Do you believe that?" And she replied that she did and that she knew the church was true and that joseph was a prophet and theat the book of mormon is true.......yeah me and my companion were shocked just like, wait what did she say. So we visited them least night with the yw president and invited her to be baptized but she said no, she wants to know more. So We'll keep working. but it was pretty amazing.
Other amaizng story we have a young man (16) that his brother is serving a  mission now about 1 month and decided that he wanted to serve too. So he came to church by himself twice, and sunday night last week went and visited him, tuesday invited him to be baptized, thursday he left with us and was testifying for our other investigators that it's true. He has a super powerful testimony and he's getting baptized saturday. His brother doesnt know yet that he's getting baptized. We are teaching their sister too and her son who loves the missionaries. A ton. So all around we have a ton of blessings we are recieving and the Lord is truly opening up the way before us. We just have to follow the Spirit and He will show us where we need to go. And Every one is giving us food. A ton of food. I eat almost the entire day...............literally almost every house we enter we get food. But It's better than not having so I'm not complaning. Anyways I love you and miss you all and hope that you all can see the hand of our Heavenly Father in your day to day and that you really talk with Him through prayer. He answers and love us all, equally.
Elder Simonsen

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