Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, August 11th 2014

Alrighty so thank you so much for the pictures. I'm so very grateful and they mean a lot for me. Sorry I'm late today, we had to go to vitoria and just got back. Had to go pick up a package :P in person because it was so heavy! So yes I have your package, no I havent opened it yet. I wont get to until a little later today. We have to go and "fix" my hair......because I let our recent convert cut it is mostly fine :) But it was a fun day today. I was able to witness two miracles. So when we were coming back from vitoria this morning, we got on this bus. And I promise you we honestly believe that this bus driver was trying to race and see if he could get from one bus station to the other in the fastest time possible. I literally thought the bus was going to flip. So did everyone else on the bus. Like that ride puts rollercoasters to shame.  So first miracle I didn't die :) Second miracle there was a young lady, honestly maybe about my age who was in front of us with a baby that was maybe 3-4 months old. This baby fell asleep on the bus....i dont know how but  me and my companion could not believe that the baby fell asleep. So that was the second miracle. So today has been pretty good. Got two packages, yours and grandma simonsens from the 4th of july. And I got letters from grandma simonsen and Grandma Nelson and a couple other people. Lifes going pretty good. I just decided that I will never ever ride city bus again when I get home from brazil. :) 
Anyways this is the last week of the transfer. Next tuesday we have transfers so next week I will know if I'm going or staying. I think I'll stay but the rest of the zone will porbably go. I actually would like to stay. The ward has a new relief society president and yw's president and they help a ton with the missionary work and they are really cool people. Also we are working a lot with the young men (they don't have very many here actually) so I would like to stay and keep working with all the great people here. Also this is a story that you'll probably like. So sunday our recent convert was getting sustained to the office of priest and to recieve the Aaronic priesthood and a thing I had learned from another missionary about a bishop in the states is that when any one is sustained he raised his hand as high as he could and still stay in his seat and had a huge smile on his face (because he was the bishop right and he knew the Lord was calling them to do something and he had been an instrument in that process) Anyways I was super excited that our recent convert was getting the priesthood. He is such an amazing kid and he is going to be an even better missionary in about 2 years. So I was sitting in the front because they don't have deacons to pass and my companion was up in the Priests  place to bless, and when they asked the people to "please manifest" My hand shot straight up and I almost jumped out of my chair.....only a couple people noticed but my companion almost died laughing. The point of the story was that we were really happy he got the Priesthood.
The other girl we are working with is doing really good, and is still amaizng she just has to actually take the step and get baptized. So she brought her mom to church sunday and I guess during the young adult class she bore testimony about marriage in the temple and everyone was super impressed. Everyone. So yeah we are working with her and hopefully this week will be the week. 
Alright so thats about my week and I'm doing good. I've got a nasty cough because this truck went by spraying a bunch of smoke in the air to kill the bugs but other than that we are all doing good. It's crazy that it's already been one year and that its gone by so fast. I'm sure my comapanion is probably tired of it but I keep talking about things when i got in the mission and thinking about how things were and who I was and about Elder Petersen. But it all passes by really quickly but I still have a long way to go. 

The most important thing that I've probably learned is to walk in the Spirit. To listen to everything he says, to have spiritually uplifiting thoughts, to ponder the doctrine and the stories in the scriptures, to Remember Him continually. You literally can have the Spirit with you always. its A huge gift the Lord has given us and one we should cherish always.  Study the scriptures, talk with our Father in Heaven, listen to His answers. He will always guide you if you let Him. He will help in everysingle thing and that we are never, ever alone. Walk in the Spirit of the Lord and you will find a power, and a strength that is not your own. 
I Love you all and miss you so much. Thank you for all you all do for me and have taught me and have helped me do. I am who I am because of you. 
Love Elder Simonsen
ps. Good luck with brook driving :P

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