Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday August 25th, 2014

I loved them. I hope that I can actually get this email off. I'm using a computer I don't normally use and the keyboard is kiling me. None of these keyboards ever work...Anyways sounds like you are all having a ton of fun. Congrats for court on geting your liscence. Should be tons of fun now. You will be able to drive where ever now. JUst keep practicing and always working to get better and better and stay safe. That's crazy that every one is in school now. SHould be tons of fun and lots of learning. Its crazy how fast the time is flying by. Seems like just a little while ago I was leaving and now everyone is in a grade higher. Will be even more tense when I get back. Everyoe will be goig into school again. Oh tell grandma Simonsen I got her birthday card. I got it on tuesday. or actually it was satrday. Anyways, As for the package don't send a lot of stuff just the basics, I'll be good for a while.
As for what i did for my birthday, It was honestly just a normal day. We woke up went to church, afterwards had lunch, went and visited our recent convert that lives super far away. BY time we got back we were late for our other meeting, and it actually worked out good because our other recent convert was at home and we taught her scripture mastery and gave her a blessing. we are teaching her cousin and he seems like he will progress just as quickly as she did. SO things are going good. She gave us each ties yesterday so I got a present on my birthday. But other than that The only person who knew about my birthday was the stake presidents wife, and our recent converts. Because of facebook...........but I really enjoyed yesterday, just thinking back on all the changes that have happened and realizing that next year I'll be able to take a hot shower on my birthday (shower broke again,...) but things are going great, reading a ton, sometimes in english, working a ton and trying to lose myself in the work. I'm studying a ton about faith and really wishing that I had read lectures on faith more times. Its tought you want to read to so much but the only books you can touch are the scriptures, pmg, the missionary library and the liahona. Not even the presidents of the church or the church manuals. but I'll see if i can find something on the church website today.
As for the church lessons, we only went to sacrament yesterday because we were out getting investigators. But we had at least one there so that was sweet. But things are good, I've started to gain back a little weight but Iv still lost so much. I have like 4 different journals now, oh and we taught some spanish last week. Or in reality I spoke portuguese and they replied to us in spanish. So that was super fun and exciting and an interesting experience. Spanish just sounds really weird. ANywasy I love you all and miss you so much and hope you all have a great week!

Love elder simonsen

it's ana paula's great grandma, she is 96 years old. The sun glasses, i found on the couch and we decided to take a picture

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