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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, August 18th 2014

Alirght so I sent you some pictures of the baptism that we had this week. finally got Ana Paula to be baptized. It was worth every effort. We forgot to take pictures in the baptismal clothing though, I was trying to get everyone there in time because the bishop wanted to start the baptism without half the people, so we forgot. And also because she didn't tell us who was going to baptize her until we got there... but it was totally worth it. This transfer we baptized two amazing people. Yuri and Ana Paula. They are both super special people and will many amazing things in the Lord's church. And the good news is that we will have one more transfer to work with them! We both stayed :) I am so excited to stay one more transfer. I love this ward and the members. And we have so much unfinished work to do. Like complete these two families. Ana Paula's mom and brother and Yuri's sister and nephew. We will have to work a ton but there is nothing better. On the day on the one year mark, We really didn't do anything. The Zone leaders came because they had to do Ana Paula's interview and showed up one hour early. and we got to our area late because we had lunch in the other area. So I just taught english for one of the members for one hour and then ran to Ana Paula's house to take back the Stake President's daughter to her house and make sure they did all the paper work right. But I honestly wouldn't have had done anything better. The feeling at that house during the interview was incredible.
The fun part of this last week though was going around and telling all the members about the baptism because we don't have any minutes on our phone any more. So we spent one whole day just visiting members. Which is a little difficult because every always gives you food. Yesterday we visited a couple members because we didn't know if we were going to stay or go. And what surprised me is that Melissa's grandma (the girl we baptiezed when we first got here) cried. And melissa's mom almost cried too. But now we have one more transfer here and way more time to work and use the memebers and help this ward grow.
The lesson of this week is as always follow the Spirit, He will guide you and lead you in where ever it is you need to go. Trust in Him and always be ready to do what he asks. Live a higher pattern of Life and if you always remember HIm you will have His spirit with you all the time. Remember the Ressurrection and the importance it has in your life. I love you all and miss you all so much.
Love Elder Simonsen

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