Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday November 17th, 2014

Alrigthy one more week and even less time to write and this keyboard is killing me. so we'll see how it goes. todays response won't be long because of that.

So this week we worked....most of the week. Tuesday we didn't sleep because we were going to vitória for a meeting with Elder Mazzergadi (SP?) the first counselor in the area presidency. So we left here about 2 in the morning but we went to the bus station around 11 because all of the other elders were there and we didn't want to risk missing the bus.We got home that night around 11 and then I think finally made it to bed around 12:30...or 1 something like that. So we spent the rest of the week pretty tired and running a lot in our area. The major events are really only the conference that we had with him. It was a super good conference and talked a lot about the spirit and doing missionary work the good right way and working with families and helping the church grow instead of dividing the work. Working with membrer and less actives to find the new ones and reactivate. Which is a huge problem here in brazil. Of the 600 members of the ward about 70 are active, so they are trying to switch the number or at least have a better ratio. HE talked about music and what music does in our lives and how it affects our spirit and it's more powerful than drugs. how we have to watch our selves and do what is right. It was a super spiritual meeting and taught us a lot. He speaks fluently Portuguese, english, spanish,  and italian. It was hard to figure out where he was from because he talked so fluently in english and new so well our geography that there were moments i thought he was american but he's from São Paulo, and is a convert from the church. He is a super good man and has a testimony super strong. 

Other than that we are studying the scriptures working hard and doing our best to help the wards grow here in Campos. Talking with more men doing what needs to be done to help the kingdom of God grow. I hope all is well at home an that everyone is reading the book of mormon. ITs so important to read and to cherish and to study. It is the iron rod and will show you the way. Be humble and meek and alwlays remember who you are. And sorry this letter is so short, I'll seend pictures today. Read the book of mormon, it is true

Love Elder Simonsen

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