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Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday November 3rd, 2014

Yeah so this week flew by super fast and I honestly dont know what happened. We taught a lot this week, and had a "normal" week. We had interviews with President Young which was super cool but I'll talk more about that later.
Really this week we worked a ton and don't have too much to show for it. Of all the people we had lined up to go to church 2 of them came, the other 3 are people that are really difficult to teach and actually just showed up to church. So we were supeer excited about that and now we have to just find a time to teach them....also getting to their houses will be fun because they live in a place called Goytacazes, that is like a little town inside Campos. Its not too far away but we dont have a map for that area so we get lost pretty quiclky. But it was a super huge blessing to have investigators at church beause most of the rest of the district didn't have any one.  We met a lot of people this week with tough vies on the world and their thought process is a little different....most of the people with whom we actually taught either didnt believe in God or thought the only church that exsists is the catholic church.  WHich has to do with the Brazilian culture. BUt enough said we are super excited for p-day today. Time to rest and relax and maybe do a little cleaning and sleeping.....or write letters.
Anyways so we had interviews with President Like I already said and interviews with him are always amazing. He truely is a Chirst-like man and I am so grateful that he was called to be our mission president. I truely know that the Lord calls those who are needed, where they are needed and I have no doubt that President Young follows  Gods counsel. It's not as easy to follow some of the other mission leaders but it helps knowing that the President will always do whats right and follow the Spirit. SO I'm trying to be more obedient to those that he has called to be our leaders.......................yeah I'm working on it. Its tough sometimes because I don't always agree......but its getting better and things are working right and these last 3 transfers have been really good. Lots of change. BUt anyways the interviews with him are always super spiritual and he and sister Young have such a huge love for all the missionaries and they alway seek to serve us and uplift us and inspire us. He always says uplifting things. It's really easy to talk with him. Well to at least open up, talking in english was super hard.......but things Are good and  I'm super happy here in Campos. Only missing music, haha so  mom if you could send me a super cheap mermory card I would be so grateful. It doesnt need to be big, maybe 2 GB becuase if it gets a virus again I don't want to keep loosing money. I've been taking music from the chruch website and listening to it. Old music from confrences and some from the youth site. Just a couple because I do not like most of the efy songs. I found a really interesting if you could hie to kolob that the choir did during conference a couple years back, and them I get a couple songs that they did. Like consider the lillies, and a couple christmas or other songs that i can think of. I also put a lot of conference on the memory card. But its nice becuase we can choose what we put on.
BUt I'velearned the importance of music in keeping the spirit and how truly the hymns bring the Spirit into our lives and helps us think more about the Lord and the Gospel. They can prepare you to study with the Spirit and help you calm down at night. Anyways we'll see how it goes when I get back though becuase I am really missing some Taylor Swift songs ;)  But the lesson this week is to work and to follow the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit and follow what he inspires you to do. Study the scriptures and do what is right. Follow the church leaders, Preach my GOspel, and be exactly obedient. ALWAYS read the BOOK OF MORMON and you will have a huge spiritual force in your lives and you will have the Spirit to be with you IF you keep the commandments and always remember Him. Then you will teach with power and authority and you will do miracles in the lives of our Father's children.
I love you all and miss you tons,
Love Elder Simonsen

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