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Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday April 13th, 2015

Well this week was interesting. Really this week didnt have too much. Just a couple really big trials but it's all going well. Monday I spent the whole day listening to conference. I really enjoyed elder Bednar's talk about fear and how we can conquer our fear. How we can have godly fear which is really loving and trusting in the Lord. I really enjoyed the priesthood session talks of PResident Ucthdorf and President Eyring. They were really powerful and President Monsons about priesthood blessings. I'm really trying to work on me now, Trying to be a better person, more like Christ. watching my thoughts, words, and actions. I'm trying to develop that pure love, that fills our souls. I'm just trying to be a better me. And be patient meek and humble. Haha its not easy. I dont have to agree with everything thats being done and what some leaders think but I have to be obedient and respect the callings and try to just learn. I'm trying to follow the Lords plan and serve best where he wants me to serve. to be the man he wants me to be. I've learned quite a lot this week ;) I can say its all good now but it sure was tons of fun ;) Good stories for when I come back. Speaking of which I recieved that fun call, I'll send you that email so special. About July 15. 

But anyways the week is good, the work is hard. We have a lot of investigators that are having word of wisdom problems. BUt the Lord is preparing a way. I don't know exactly His plan or how it will all work out but I will do my best so that I'm on His side when its all done and that I can say that I did His will.

As for personal study, I'm going to read the new testament, I'm going to focus more on Jesus the Christ to finish it, and I'm reading the book of mormon. I'm in 2nd Nephi 11 or 12. I'm trying to work on reading more dilligently the book of mormon every day. Its not as easy because I'm always studying another thing or the doctrine and covenants or the bible. But I'm going to make a bigger effort. I know that this time is the time that I have to give to the Lord. The only reason I've been focusing on the school is because I had to register for classes. If I wait I wouldnt get any of the ones that I would like. So all the decisions come to now.........but its all good I only think about them at night and on monday. But I know that the Lord will guide me. 

Sounds like you all are having tons of fun and that everyone is doing good. As for Brandon maybe it would be really good to watch conference with him. Maybe rewatch the prophet speak or another talk the sisters think would be good. Use the internet and hook it up to the tv. Use the resources you have because here it isnt that easy. Most everyone doesnt have internet at their home. They have it on their phone but when they use it all in the first 2-3 days....doesnt leave too much space for us. 
Sorry today I wont write too much but it should be enough. My companion and I are doing good now. Its much better then this last week. But the work we are doing is true. It is a stone cut without hands that will roll forth to bless all people in the whole world. I know that Christ lives and that He loves everyone of us and that if we follow Him with faith we will be saved in the last day. I love you all and hope all is well.

Love Elder Simonsen

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