Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday April 27, 2015

Hey can you send me a picture of bro and sister Yeargin. I miss them a ton. That's tough though that you all are sick. I cant imagine how that its. So today you'll have to be patient with me because this computer is really slow and I really dont have patience to mess with a computer like that. So if there are a ton of words spelled wrong its because of how slow the computer is. But anyways this week was super was probably the hardest week of my mission up till now. Literally we have no investigators and we couldnt enter anyones house....and i had fun week with my companion. its better now but oh yeah, lots of prayer. We however had a super fun service project, so here in brazil they bould houses with a type of clay brick and to build a roof they use brick andthem pour cement on top of the bricks. So what happens s that here when you build a house, and you arent super rich, its literally you and one construction worker building a house, and to do the roof its like barn raising, everyone comes to help. dont have a cement truck, you make the cement, fill up buckets and carry it to the top of the this house happened to be above, well basically it was 3 flights of stairs....carrying a bucket full of cement......I had a blast, it was so much fun, however I learned how I'm like half the person physically that i was when i started the mission. Literally. It was super tireing but really fun. Eveyone was so tired and exhausted afterwards. It is an experience that I will never forget.Literally though, my companion had no energy for the next 2-3 days. BUt it was super fun. BUt i will think twice when some one asks again, because it took a really long time, and its really hard work. But I loved it. 

So as for the rest of the week we tried to work, did a division with some return missionaries here in the ward And they taught me a ton. BUt the tings I learned this week are patience, faith, love, and hard work. I learned that its not as easy as we think to follow the Spirit sometimes and you have to be fearless and testify of the truth in every contact, so that they can feel the spirit and have a desire to learn. That the lessons are best taught by a team who are following the Spirit, that we have to be humble and recognize the Lords hand in every thing we do.I learned again to love the Lord and His plan for us. I learned to love and treasure the scriptures even more. I learned to share that with those I love and how to use your heart to teach. It was a super good spiritual week. And I learned a lot.

haha i switched computers, now its a little better. but anyways. We were transfered. So we will be going to a new area tomorrow. Should be fun. I think that it will literally be my last area. I have only 11 more weeks. So the chances of me leaving in the other transfer to go to another are very small. but who knows. really other than this there hasnt been too much that is going on. Working hard, I'm learning a lot. As for the meat, yeah its pretty big here butI've been eating less of it. Just a ton of rice and beans. But its all good. Hope your on! Love YOU!

Elder Simonsen

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