Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday January 13th, 2014

Haha don't worry about the letter being short, I've had a crazy morning and I explained it in the other email. So we are late today anyways. So fan, dont worry about it, mission bought a new one. Shoes, I'm looking, I'm realy torn because everyone here wears a type of boot and I don't want to wear the boot because I don't think missionaries should. And all the other shoes are super expensive and will be destroyed super quick, so I'm still looking. I'll get there someday. As for the music thing. Thanks for the music I'm super excited so get it. So Ihaven't bought it yet because I keep testing it and it wasn't working so part of running around today was that but I know what's wrong 32 gb pendrive has a virus..........but my little one that I bought forever ago is still good. And the 32 gb one is still good for holding photo's (i think) just not for playing the talks I had on it :( but the pendrive you send will work so don't worry. I'm just waiting to buy anything before I test it. (its brazil) 

Thats rough about everyone being sick. Just keep swimming! It will all pass. That letter that you sent me about chapter 6 of preach my gospel, I'm super excited to see what it says. who knows when I'll get it though. We have transfers in 2 weeks, so probably after that. I just got grandma Simonsen's thanksgiving package. It was AWESOME. I had candy corn :) And I got more letters from the stake presidency and from grandma simonsen and from people I have never met before...and heather. Speaking of which I forgot to tell jared happy Birthday. Please tell him for me. That story about the king I've heard before so I know which one your talking about but I had forgotten about it so thank you for reminding me. it's a really cool story. 

As for reading assingments, not really. Just read, maybe jesus the christ. But definitely the book of mormon. I still haven't finished it. I just finished 3 nephi today. I haven't been reading much to finish, more to answer questions and stuff. But one day I'll finish it and then I want to read doctrine and covenants. I've read most of it but not a lot of the first 20 chapters. The weather here is hot, I'm browning and I need to use sunblock more. But the only part that is really burning is my nose. Every thing else is fine. I sent you letters like 2 weeks ago and forgot to mention it. they are in 2 envelopes. one says 1/2 and the other 2/2 so just be looking for them.

Not to much has happened last week. It's really hard to thing about the week behind because I'm always looking a head. But food, as always was good, worked a ton, more then usual actually but we are doing really good. one of the things that we focused on last week was the first vision. Elder quiroz (past zone leader and now he's assistant to the president but more friend than anything) has been trying to change the mission and have people teach more from their hearts the first vision. Because it's the part of all of our messages that invites the Spirit more than anything. That when we talk about the first vision and the words of joseph as if the words were our own words and that they were coming from our heart that the Spirit is like crazy. So we had a practice of this during district meeting, and in all reality did the same practice he did with me, but you can truly feel a huge difference and see it in the missionaries and how they talk about the first vision. IT's super imortand and should be becuase it is what changed the world and changes lives. So we have focused on that a lot this week and the Spirit is testifying like all the time, doing miracles. but that was the huge thing this week and that is what I wanted to share.

I'm doing good and I love all the letters I'm getting and I'm so grateful for everything And I love you all so much .

Elder Simonsen

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