Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday January 27th, 2014

Okay so I'm not going to write a huge letter today because I'm hoping you'll be on but thank you for the pictures! I really appreciate it. Brook has changed so much and emmy is so big. Speaking of her. I'm sending her birthday card today....I forgot last week so It will be late but I'll do what I can for a picture for her. Tell Elder Petersen that I'm going to write him a letter today to send. And that I miss him a ton!!!!!! Seriously a ton. 
That's tough about everyone being sick. and I really appreciate the quotes this week. I really enjoyed them and appreciate them. So I have so much to write and when I got here today I had 34 emails....I think that might be a record. 10 from the mission and 10 that I won't read and then 10 that I need to reply but have no idea when....we are really getting slammmed with the 1 hour limit because it includes now the time emailing the president. But the temple sounds awesome! I was looking at my temple magazine the other day and was thinking about it. HAd no idea that there wouldbe another new video. I got all of grandma simonsens letters this week. and I got yours and I got Grandma stakers and I got aunt linda's. Tell them all thank you so much and I will work on replies. But it will take forever. So don't expect them soon. 
Okay so 3 major funny things happened this week outside of transfers. (WHich btw no one from our house was transfered :) ) So Elder Gerald was writing in his planner after we did a contact and I was walking likemaybe 2 feet infront of him and all the sudden I hear BAM! and I turn around and was like what just happened? He smacked straight into a stop sign pole.... :) perfectly. It was hilarious. He wasn't paying attention at all. Then we were teaching a lesson and I was talking about breaking the word of wisdom but I was trying to hurry and move on to the next thing I wanted to talk about and so I said " well if you become addicted to anything like coke, you are breaking the law of chastity...." yeah so that was hilarious and then yesterday. This house had a dog and like normally dogs are like all fine with me right? SO elder park sticks his hand in the fence to pet the dog and everything was fine, and I was like no, I don'thave a good feeling about this but elder park did it so, so can was all good until my hand went behind the dogs head. Then the dog went nuts. It's all good though, he bit me but it's nothing really. A little blood and it just feels like I slamed my hand in the car door. But it was funny becuase they were walking away and then next thing you hear the dog starts barking like crazy and me jumping up and down a little.Anyways thats the funy stories for this week.
Alright so It's all good though, seriously. We are all fine so don't worry about anything.
I love you all and love reading your letters and Imiss you all so much. 

Love Elder Simonsen

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