Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd, 2014

Wow...I had completely forgot about the superbowl....and the winter olympics. I'm a little sad that I wont see the olympics but oh well. Where is it at? As for the washing machine we got a new one today and that was why we were late today. And we don't have dryers in brazil. Only like the mtc and the super rich have them... Disney sounds fun and that's tough about kiki, I know how that feels. Literally. So this week I got attacked by 2 dogs....yeah don't know what is happening but it's all good, I have metal toed boots ;) and I got sick. Like friday was fine but saturday I couldn't get up. and so Istayed in the house till 2 and decided that I would go try to do some work. Left the house....and came back shortly after. I threw up all over the road. About a mile away from the house. At the bottom of a giant hill. Yeah it was fun. 
Other then that not much has happened this week. Working a ton, walking a ton, having fun. We are looking for new investigators because none of our old ones were progressing. And we have this one family that we are working with a ton but the mom just isn't seeing that she is ready. And I don't know what more we can do for her. We marked her daughter for baptism, Her duaghter is so ready it's crazy but wont go to church. Yeah so working with them a ton.
Elder Gerald's doing good. I felt so bad for him, I was so sick and he had to sit in the house all day long. Reading. I would have gone crazy but I was asleep the entire time.
I hope that my card gets there soon. I spent quite a bit on getting a picture for emmy...because my memory card has a virus too....yeah I'm thrilled. All because I didn't listen and used one member's computer. Everything has a virus but I believe we got rid of the one on my memory card. I just had to go to a more expensive photo shop. So I have now decided not to use member's computer's any more. I think I got it on christmas when I sent you all those photos....but anyway it's all good now.
So has court heard about byu-i yet? I was thinking about college the other day when I was home and was just wondering if she had found out yet. So crazy fact, I almost at 6 months. I almost only have a sister mission left!!! I was only thinking about it because one of the brazilians I'll be going home with did 6 months the 1st. Crazy how time flies and how much time I still have. Yep so cant realy think of much else to say but I love you all and miss you so much.
Elder Simonsen

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