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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday February 10, 2014

Yeah, sorry the lan house was closed this morning and so we tried to go find other stuff and we just got here now. 
Yeah the churches are really far away from everyone and a lot of people like the quick easy churches down the street better. We have been having a lot of trouble gettingour investigators to go to church. Like that one girl that I was talking about, didn't go again and now her mom doesn't want to go any more. Things are pretty difficult in their house right now but I think last night It might have finally clicked for her how important these things are. She is so ready she just needs to go to church. SO important. So we will see what wecan do for her this week.
That's weird about byu-i, maybe you could call them and ask. Idk what they are doing. As for packages, no I haven't gotten any yet. I might get some this week but if not this week the next chance won't be till the 11th of march. That sounds really cool that you got to go camping. That's rough that the tent flooded. But I'm jealous, I really, really, really, really miss camping. Like really. It's tough, and fishing (mostly because, I can sleep when we are fishing) Shoes are good, still haven't found new ones yet. One day I will.The boots are doing really good though.Yeah bro. lowery is a really good teacher. And yeah I'm not sick any more, It was just that one day. I probably will get sick this week though....I bought smack ramen....I need more food so I'm going to start eating noodles. It'll be tough but I'll have to do it.
Alright so couple things I learned this week. First and most important: The Spirit. 
When he tells you to do something do it. Seriosuly just do it. A man who follows the Spirit, is never wrong. Ever. I had 3-4 experiences specifically this week with this and I know I could have had more but yes sometimes it's still not clear. But there. I was literally in the middle of doing something, and the Spirit is like, leave now and go to this place. Right, so Like in the middle of teaching one of these we pray right then and there and I leave and go visit someone else and sit down in front of her and all the sudden know exactly what I need to tell her and teach about. Wow. Another time was,  to go visit a investigator that we normally don't visit (She has been an investigator for 8 years or something like that and we have tried a ton with her when Elder Petersen was here.) and it was cool because we get to her house and I tell Elder Gerald I think we are going to give her a blessing. And so we start talking to her mom and her mom was saying not to go down there (she lives down a hill) because now isn't a good time, come back later, she'll say something to offend you. But we go down there anyways and literally give her a blessing and then say nothing for 1 hour while she talks. But talking and the blessing helped her a ton. Then last night, middle of an fhe and leave to go visit that girl that hasn't been to church yet. She happened to be crying at that exact moment, idk what was going onshe just said it was really tense in the house (Literal translation but means it's really difficult and really really hard) and we shared some scriptures with her and she was comforted a ton.
Anyways the Spirit is super important and essencial and literally we should always follow the Spirit and it's because we will always be right. We need to have courage and be meek and exactly obedient. Those were the other things I have studied this week. Check them out, there is a lot more to them in the bible dictionary and other places. Anyways I've written an essay now and I'll just close with 2 Nephi 32:1-5 about the Holy Ghost (wow that was weird to say....Espírito Santo, better) and these 3 super powerful words

"But if not..."
Daniel 3:16-18
Look up john bytheway's book about words from the scriptures.
Elder Simonsen

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