Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Soooooo yeah I got transfered..but idk who told you it was close to my old area. I got transfered 4 zones away. We took a bus 3 hours to get to our area. (not a ton but compared to a bus that normally takes only 1 and thats a normal bus, we took a charter bus.) But new area tons of new challenges. My companions name is Elder M. Silva and he's from fortaleza. He has about the same time in the mission as me. We both have 7 months but of course he's brazilian so things are a litle easier for him. This transfer will be a little more tough. The area is really good but I've got to work on my portuguese and getting used to a new companion is always fun. We are in a branch now and it's actually about the size of a ward but they only have a district here so they can't be a ward until they have a stake. We work in a neighborhood called Interlagos and suposedly is the biggest neighborhood in south america...i don't think so but who knows. We live in the centro of Linhares and the house is pretty good but was deystroyed when we got there. Literally spent 4 hours cleaning the house the next morning. It's a completely different house now. I'm super excited to be in a new area but me and my companion don't always have a ton of time to's kinda frustrating but we are helping a ton of other missionaries but I'm definitely missing working and teaching a ton. But I'm hoping when things settle down a bit we will be able to teach like I used to. But other than that the area is good, work is good. The food is really good. Haha I'm always eating. but Everything is really good here. I just can't wait until I'm more fluent in portugese but I'll get there. 

So yeah not to much has really happened since last monday. In our area we have a couple missionaries that I know, and others that are pretty cool but all is well and going good. I got your package with the reeses and popcorn and with the pictures that emmy and talon drew. I also got a letter from grandma Simonsen. Also got all that stuff I bought from the lds store online. So thats all good. But other than this, we are working a ton and having a ton of fun. I'm reading jesus the christ in portugese and tons of stuff. BUT I sent courtney's letter off today and so it probably wont be there until after her birthday. Did Brook get my letter? Her birthday pictures look awesome. I hope she had an awesome birthday. I LOVE HER!!!!! and every one else too :)

Elder Simonsen
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