Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday March 24th, 2014

Alrighty so happy Birthday COURTNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope my letter there makes it in time....I sent it last week. Sorry Tons of stuff going on. ANd I finally got an email for Elder Petersen!!! Yeah I'll reply to him after dad's email. I have I letter I wrote him that I still need to send....
That's awesome about talon's talk! I'm sure he did so great. It's alright if he doesnt pronounce it right, I still have a hard time pronouncing a lot of words without accent. so i'm in the same boat. Oh and before I forget if you could get me some socks and send them that would be nice. I have socks but they are holy and I will have enough none holy socks until probably june but just putting it out there because it always takes a while for them to get here... so they thickness of nike socks are the best because they are the ones that are still in really good shape, but knowing they are expensive just get some cheap brand ones that are just as thick. Obrigado.
That's awesome about the Ft. Lauderdale temple. It's more important to go then when you go. We were talking about temples the other day because I've been thinking alot about them and reading in the doctrine and convenants about being endowed from on high. I feel so blessed to have taken them out so early and had time to go often. A majority of people here only have one time and don't remember a thing. Like at all...which made me think about baptisms because there has been a lot of arguing between everyone when a person is ready and if they fully underdstand what they are doing. Just stuff I was thinking about.
Court's birthday sounds fun, and that whitening stuff sounds really good. I used some denture cleaning stuff one time with mine and it cleaned my retainer really well and yes I'm still wearing it. Don't worry, I'm eating too. But I will have to use more of the personal money because our money has ran out...yeah we used a ton last week to get the house in living order...and we travel a ton. When we are with the other districts we have to take the bus and all that fun stuff. So I've been eating the food I've saved from your package and I've used the card a couple times. Don't worry I have like 200 reals I just need to break the bills (money that I came to brazil with and is emergency money_) I just havent yet. So just so you know I'm using the card every once in a while, even though Ireally don't want to. I got my virus taken of the memory card for the camera today. So I will be sending you the pendrive that has a virus soon...both of them but the black one has all (ALLL) of my photos on it, so to get them put it in my computer (so yours don't pickl up the virus) and then get rid of the virus some how. ANd as for sending photos now I'm really not to keen on sending them and picking up another virus but we'll see.
Alright so as for this last week. It's been a little more tough. Actually it's probably one of the toughest I've had. We basically have no time to work in our area....we have been in linhares for maybe 3 days this week and one of those days we spent trying to get bus tickets for the rest of the Zone and working with the ward leaders about the baptisms we had last week. So as for our area....yeah it's alright, don't really know much about it BUT I went to São Mateus for 2 days this week (the other day this week we were in vitoria the whole day for meetings and then p-day don't count) I LOVE SÂO MATEUS! Elder Petersen passed through there so I always heard a little bit about it but it is so cool and perfect. It is like a rural town and has dirt roads! I hope that one day I can pass through there. I don't really like cities that much.... And it was awesome because I got to go teach and be a huge instrument in the hands of the Lord. I love teaching with the Spirit. You literally are told everything you should do. It's so important to have the Spirit with you and be worhty to recognize the promptings because then it's so easy and you know what to do and everything is simple. It's qwhen you have doubt that everything gets hard and difficult.
Anyways that was my week. I love you all and Miss you so much. I hope you all have a great week and Please send me more pictures Real pictures that I can put in my album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love you all!
Elder SImonsen
Oh and I got grandma simonsens letter

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