Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday March 3, 2014

Wow didn't see that one coming about the ward...I really thought for sure that we'd be in the new ward. Who's the Bishop there? That's really tough for court though, but the Lord knows best. He knows what we need and there is a reason she was sent there and eventually she'll know why. It just takes time. Yeah I got a couple letters this last week at the conference. I got heathers cards, I got grandma simonsens card and christmas package, I got grandma nelson's letter, and I got grandma Stakers letter. I should get more next week at the transfer next tuesday. 
I'm glad that Emerson is doing good. I can imagine that ROTC is super stressfull, especially preparing for Field training but I know if he keeps studying and working hard he'll come out as one of the top of the class for field training. He'll do great.
As for packages Idk what you should send. Don't send talks on pendrives. The music player I have only works for music and not talks :( but at least I have music :) Haha Brook and Savannah are going to destroy the rec league. And if she has another chance to go to the temple she should go. And as for her letter I went to go mail it today butttttttttt the post office is closed. IT's Carnival this week which in our state in Brazil means that no one works and no one is home or in the streets. As for the parties...yeahhhhh we don't have any in our area. Literally not a single one. We live in the conetticut of Brazil ;) 
Sounds like talon is going to be a forward :P just scoring goals like crazy. And that's awesome about Kiara. Keep playing soccer! I got to play soccer with the brazilians and president last thursday. We played 3 on 3 and we are all in terrible shape. I'm so slow now and I don't like playing on 3 v 3 fields...but volleyball was really good.
As for when you go to the distribution center I don't think I need anything and I don't really want any thing.I should be good. You could always take a picture and send me pictures of yall at the temple and of the temple. I'm good though. And yeah focus on the book of Mormon. It's really good. the key stone of our religion.

So this week we went through so much stress and it was just crazy. The whole lesson was to rely on the Lord and do what is right. I feel like it was a lot like abraham when he was commanded to offer up his son as a sacrifice. I can only hope what I did was right and keep praying to learn the lesson that was involved but i'm so happy it's over and I feel so much less stressed. It's not really important what happened but the thing that is is that we need to trust in the Lord and be willing to do His will always. Don't fear men fear God.
Love you all so much and I hope you all are doing really well and I'm sorry I didn't write more. But I love you all and miss you all so much.

Love Elder Simonsen

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