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Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday September 22, 2014

SO this week has been a super exciting week but not too much has actually happened. I'll start by talking about the bible. So yest there is a lot of different interpretations of the bible and yeah you'll probably be different each time you share something with them but you don't need to think that you need to be the same. DOnt be afriad to be different, don't be afraid to say what you believe. Lots of people will reject you, but remember you serve one who was rejected of all. The bible is like a point    *  like that it has many different lines drawn through it because every one interprets the same scripture in a different way but with the book of mormon and the bible we have two points like these two periods    .        .
so what happens is that between these two points you can draw only one line (straight) that passes through these two points that confounds all false doctrine and leads us in a straight and narrow path to the lord like this . ______ . haha its the best i can do with a computer. So yes a majority of the time your view will be different but that doesnt mean your wrong. You also have the gift of the Holy Ghost that will teach you how to interpret the scriptures and open your mind so that you can apply the scripture in your life and as a missionary in the lives of others. 
So just say what you believe and the people have the choice to accept or to not to.  I passed through that sunday morning going to church, we were inviting people on the street to go to church and some people we trying to agrue a little with me and were saying somethings I didn't agree with. So yes I propbably said things a little too clear and yes I did in a way burn them a little but the point was that I was testify of truth and they chose to not accept it. But we have to declare the truth always. 
Anyways now I don't remember what i was going to write this week was good, we are eating a ton working hard and yeah it's getting a little hotter but it's all good. We had a confrence of 3 zones last week and it was super exciting. we recieved training in 3 languages....president Young and the assistants spoke portuguese for us, sister young spoke english for us. And her daughter who just finished serving in LA speaking spanish taught us in yes at the end of the day I had no clue what language I was speaking any more. I was thinking in spanish and potuguese and english and in reality I don't think any one of them is right. But for all of you all who think I know spanish, I don't I can understand spanish. ALL people who can speak portuguese can understand spanish if they pay really close attention.But it was a super good training, lots of rule changes, good rule changes, the spirit was really strong and the work is moving forward. This next week is the last week of the transfer, so we are a little sad becuase we know that one of us will be leaving, we've been here since may so its highly probable, and we are worried about our recent converts because 1) yuri has basically stopped doing everything and is turning away from the chruch 2) ana paula loves us and it will be super hard when we leave for her to adjust 3) Josimar will have just as hard a time adjusting without us here. You make such a huge difference in the lives of the people that you really don't want to leave them. They become a huge part of your life but you pray that you will see them again. Anyways I spent a ton of time writing this today, I had a hard time writing in english so I'll let you all go and hope that you all have an amazing week and remember that the Lord loves you and that you cherish the faith you have and always look for the tender mercies of the Lord in your day to day.
Love you all
Love Elder Simonsen
Did you get my cards for dads birthday and talons? Was the money still there?

Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God. Ether 12:4

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