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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday September 29th, 2014

Well this week has been a little crazy but was a super good week. So first off we had a ward activity planned by the missionaries thursday night. And we don't have a ward mission leader so everything is a little bit more fun. We had been talking about/planning this activity since we got in the area and one of the members decided that we were going to do it this week. She told us we worked hard this week and decided to show the Testament video and decorate the cultural hall with lots of book of mormon pictures and restoration pictures and we had a table with all the material possible for missionaries to use with liahona's and lots of bibles and book of mormon. It was called the Grande Missionarie. Or great missionary. So we palnned everything all right, and then I get to the activity at 7, a little late because we had to go get everyone and when I get one is there...just the member. Not even a member of the bishopric. The member with the computer is in a meeting and we couldn't get the projector because I don't have keys for that. But after about 40 mins of running around getting everything and intterupting the meeting to get the computer (because he said he would give it to us and we used all resources possible before we intterupted the meeting) It all worked out great and had a majority of the ward there. The movie was super spiritual and everyone felt the spirit and we just got home a little late.....around 10. We had to take everyone home. All the investigators we had were young men and women and had promised their parents that we would take them home. So it was a fun night.
Then we had been trying to work with Ana Paula's Mom, trying to get her to go to church for about 9 weeks now....had a lesson super spiritual about the sacrament and how important it is to go to church. Was a super good lesson and the spirit was really strong and she came to church! But i don't know how she felt...we didn't get to talk to her after church because we had a baptism, and we spent the whole time running around trying to get that organized. But the baptism was really good and had a ton of members. Truely a huge blessing when the members participate and help in the work. The work moves so much better and the investigator and member feel soooo much better and the ward is strengthened. Then we ran to lunch (we got there about 2:30 when lunch is normally 12:30 on sunday....they live kinda far away. Then spent the rest of the day visiting recent converts and some investigators. Visited Yuri (our recent convert who has stopped going to church) and had a lesson super good about the word of wisdom and addiction recovery. I think just the fact that we went all the way to his house helped a ton. There was a new light that entered in him and his house and he lit up a little. Which was huge and good. Also the miracle that happened yesterday. We took an investigator thats 12 years old to church yesterday, the second time he's been and he went to the activity thursday. And while we were there he came up to me and said I want to call my mom....I was like alright, so his mom didnt answer and he turned to me and said Well I guess I can just tell you, I want to be baptized! I was like what?! And he wanted to be baptized that same day, with our other baptism....he was super firm in the decision. He wanted us to teach all the lessons to him right then and there and I told him we had to have him interviewed and  he looked at me and said go ahead. Ask me the questions right now. And I said laughing of course, I cant do your interview its other missionaries (Zone Leaders) and he wanted me to call them and have them be there right after sacrament.....he was fighting with me to be baptized that same day.... It was really a cool experience. He said that he was praying at the end of the deacons quorum and got his answer right as he was praying. So his baptism is marked for saturday before conference or maybe sunday in between the sessions. We still have to see when his mom can go. Also the other missionaries marked a date with their investigator for the 11th of this month. And she is super firm. So the miracle, there are many, that I want to point out is that these are clearly blessings from the Lord but as well we are in a area that didnt baptize. Basically for a long time they didn't baptize and eversince about 3 weeks ago we have been having a baptism every week. We baptized Josimar, they baptized a Roberta, we baptized Karina yesterday (daughter of Josimar) and have Gilberto marked for saturday/domingo and the have a baptism the next week. That doesnt include Ana Paula, and Yuri and Melissa that we also baptized. The Lord is truly opening up the way and the work is moving forward and if the ward stays animated they will have many more baptisms.

Alright now the bad news. I've been here since may. May, April, June, July, August, September....Transfers. We were transfered. ME and my companion. So we will be leaving the area tomorrow. To where only President and the Lord know. But I'm not going to lie, I was really hoping to stay more time. I really love this area and the people here. The members, investigators, recent converts. So many people so much love. I was also super excited for Conference with our recent converts. We still have to tell that we were transfered. IT's super hard because they are like your home away from home so it's like your leaving your family again. But I know that if we do whats right and we keep the commandments and keep our covenants that this time apart will only be a litle and that we will all meet again in the Celestial Kingdom. It's hard to leave because it really feels like home, but you have to remember we are on the Lords errand. We are here to do His will and to preach His Gospel and He knows where we need to go. I've been thinking about that song "i'll go where you want me to go" And it is really true and how it is. we go where the Lord wants us to go and we do His will, not our own. But I have no greater desire than to meet all these wonderful people here in Brazil and all those wonderful people back home in the Celestial Kingdom. I beleive there is no greater joy than that. First your family, then your friends. I'm sure going to cry a lot that day.  Anyways I've spent about 40 mins writing this email so I'll end it now and I want you all to know that I love you and that the Church is true and is the restored church of Jesus Christ  here on the earth and that if you havent read the Book of Mormon, pick it up! You don't know what your missing. And if you have read it and say that its not true, You have NOT read the Book of Mormon and you have NOT prayed and asked God if its true. I KNOW that it's true and I KNOW God lives and He loves us. If you say that God Doesnt love us or you, you need to look at the world around you and count your blessings. And you will see His hand in your life. I love you all and miss you tons. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Elder Simonsen

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