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Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday May 18th, 2015

Sounds like it was a pretty crazy week. I can only imagine how it would be to be at the beach. Its been super cold here and for the last 2 day I used a long sleeve shirt. I'm sleeping with 2 sheets and a blanket.....Its pretty cold.....and rainy but its been really good. So as for investigators and people we are we really only 2 investigators. And they arent married...BUT we had a super funny lesson with them the other day about marriage ;) They are an amazing couple, well advanced in their age and already divorced. They are together for about a year now but we were there responding the wifes questions on saterday, and we taught the 3rd lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we got to the part about enduring to the end. And the Though came to talk about the temple, which usually we dont do because we spend so much time talking about baptism and helping them understand how it needs to be done the right way with the right authority and what not. So I pulled out the pictures of the temple I keep in my bible (haha i only have 2 now, my fort lauderdale picture....well an investigator asked for was either give her one or lose all 3. I still have the new ogden temple and the orlando)) but we were talking about the temple and how there you are married for all time and eternity and all that fun stuff and she looks at me and asks: So in your church how does it work when there are 2 people divorced....and so I replied, "Well, there is a commandment called the Law of Chastity.....and began to explain how we must be married and she looks right at her "husband" and he is there with big eyes haha they are an older couple but they were joking around. We think they will get married....they havent took the decision exactly but are truly a special couple and have decided that they will continue attending the church meetings and want to fullfill the church standards. So Its a lot of fun.

Other than that we are trying to work in our area, find new investigators but no one is going to church and those who were are managing to more or less teach, arent married (other couples....) so maybe we will have some marriages.....maybe but we walked but the catholic catherdral the other day and they had a super rich marriage going on. It was pretty impressive, butttttttt.........i think the temple is still pretty good. Oh I dont think I ever told you but here in Brazil you have to get married leagaly before you can marry in the temple. They dont recognize marriage in the temple as a legal binding contract...or something. So here everyone marries first and then goes to the temple. But I really love this area and the members and the missionaries. Its a really good area and really special. Now we only need to work on having time to work in our area......but this week should be fine.

As for talking with courtney and trevor, he seems really good. She was really excited to show me him. She said that I would really like him. Sounds like he's doing all the good stuff and seems really honarable, so who knows. But Court said that she wont be there when I get home, they will still be in school because of the semester terms....oh well I'll just have to go up and visit her. Haha I will proabably have to go hitch hiking. BUt eventually I'd get there and make it back. Its funny i miss her a ton. And I can tell she is missing me as well. Maybe she wont say it but I can see it. But I'm super happy its all going well at byu-i for her. Sounds like the perfect life, working for the church, studying, hopefully getting good grades and all that fun stuff.

Thanks for the pictures and you managed to get a fin of a dolphin. But the pictures are amazing. I really enjoyed them. 
Alrighty dont have much to say this week but oh thanks for the pictures of Grandma and dixi and dana graduating. It was nice to see pictures of them. If you could send me some more of everyone it would be nice. Maybe I'll ask char too, I havent talked to her for a very long time... But I love you all and miss you tons!

Elder Simonsen

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