Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday May 4th, 2015 ~Colatina (new area)

Well sounds like you all had a super fun week. Going to disney, being sick, and swimming in a pool. I cant imagine how life is, haha only thing I can think is work work work. I try not to think about anything else. It actually got a lot easier now. So as you know i was transfered and so now I'm in Colatina! I've heard a lot about this area. Everyone says a lot of good things about this city. ITs a really small city in comparison with the others that I've passed through but its way bigger then Anchieta. I'm compaions with Elder Barreto again! we were companions almost a year ago in cobilandia. So its nice to be back together again. We have changed a lot though so it should be interesting. We are living with two other missionaries. So it just happens that I trained Elder Barreto, then afterwards he trained an elder named Elder Ver├žoza who happened to train an Elder From Texas named Elder McDown and we all live in the same right there is 4 generations. They are all great missionaries. ITs just weird being the oldest missionary now. Its weird because i'm starting to realize that the mission is ending. I have a ton of time and i need to serve my mission the best I can. I need to give everything in these last 2 months.....Which is not a lot of time............................sigh. but its a lot of fun and I can only be excited trying to imagine how the rest of my life will be even better. The joy i've felt in the mission is amazing and I know that the next step in my life will be even more exciting and more fun. But I'm super excited to go to the temple again. I cannot wait. 

So as for things I've been studying I'm working this transfer on......Christlike attributes. I'm focusing on really studying and pondering them and having them become a part of my life. So I managed to put all of the attributes in these next 4-5 weeks where I will study two attributes during the week. This week is faith and humility. I learned a lot about faith this morning reading about it in Preach my Gospel and the Bible Dictionary. And thinking about it. I read some real interesting facts about true faith and how its centered on Christ. I never had really thought about it that way. True faith. What makes our faith true and what makes it not true. And there are just a lot you can pull from the Bible Dictionary. I think this section was writtem by Elder McConkie because it sounds like something he would say in a talk during conference. Anyways things are good. Life is well. There is a park near our house that has pull up bars and so we have gone there twice to try and work out...haha it hasnt gone too well yet but we just have to get used to it. But as for using skype......i believe that it should be right around 3-4 in the afternoon. So should be around 2-3 your time because you all are an hour behind us. But as for utah. I dont know......Anyways that all the important stuff thats happened this week. I love you all and hope all is well. Love Elder Simonsen

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