Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday June 8th, 2015 *pictures too*

Alrigthy so this week has been super crazy. First of all thank you so much for your letter. It really means a lot to me. And I think that for college it will be the air force but just so you know byu has the army as well. The base is in salt lake. But It will all work out really well. 

So I'm not sure where to start but talking about the full tank of gas. I'm trying to do that. I have always know that you have to prepare for the next steps in your life. Like when i was at the mtc, I could see those who prepared and those who didnt. So i'm working on that. studying those christ like attributes....I study it a lot but I need to apply it better. But yes its super sad to finish the mission. I'll explain I've been doing everything possible to be exactly obedient and honestly its leaving me so stressed its incredible because I'm literally having to push everyone in our house to do it.....but I'm working on doing it relaxed and how Christ would do it, so saturday, we left at 10 o clock because I cant do language study anymore (honestly I never did....) because we end up staying way too long at home but saturday was hard, after lunch we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and because it was a holiday no one was home. 3 day weekend and so, every one left. Then President Young was here because we aren't a stake, we are a district with branches and they were having district conference. So I suggested that maybe we could have sister Young participate in a lesson with an investigator. A marvilous idea. but one problem, when saturday got her we literally had not a single investigator. Like not only did everyone leave the city but we didnt even have investigators to leave the I was really sad because I really wanted to have sister Young participate in a lesson with us because she is so spiritual. But our areas has so many hills that she wouldn't be able to go with us. So then we spent the whole day trying to find investigators, and we were having no success. But then I got a call, and my recent convert from linhares was at our chapel. Juliano who We baptized in Linhares, who all the missionaries who have passed there after me have always told me about how good he is and how he is an amazing member. SO I couldn't go there until night because of the meetings but, luckly the day turned around and we started finding people who said maybe they would go to church and we managed to teach a couple people. Then at night we practically ran across the city to the church so that I could see him. When we got to the chapel all of the members from Colatina started to say hi and then all the members that were present from linhares recognized me and started giving me hugs. And then We run up stairs to see Juliano and when we found him at the end He was going with President Young

to be interviewed......TO GO ON A MISSION!!!!!! So I told President that he is my recent convert and it was a really cool experience. He is 27 so he has to receive First Presidency approval to go on a mission. I really hope that he goes. I was just super happy and super grateful. (also forgot to mention on thursday we went to vitoria for a lidership meeting and afterwards got permission to visit some of our recent converts from Cobilandia and we met with Jocimar, and a couple of members in the street, and an old investigator. ) It was really cool to see everyone that I hadnt seen in sooooo long and hear that they are all well. Some aren't active in the church any more but all with time. I was just super grateful and then running home at night on saterday We walk by the theater and i see a sign and I literally stop walking.....Jurrassic Word.......yeah it was a good day. 

So then in the district conference we got to see even more members from linhares, I got to take a picture with juliano and during conference President called us up to the front and explained Juliano's situation And it was good because my old companion who found juliano with me, was also in the conference. IT was a really good blessing. So yes the hardest thing now is to remain calm. I get so excited I just want to take off running. So many good things are happening and I know that I have to stay dilligent. I know I have to keep doing the right things and the blessings will keep coming. that there are so many other hardships I will have in my life and that there will be even greater blessings and that really our Heavenly Father has been really good to me. I'm so very grateful and I'm so very excited. BUt I know where the Spirit is, I know He is calm and meek, and soothing. ANd I have to seek His guidance and always be worthy of His companionship. I know that things will only get tougher, especially after the mission and in the real world. But i know that through good habits and following the counsel of the Prophets and Apostles we will be safe and in the right path. Seek the Lord, Remember the Temple, and always do good works. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. I love His Love. I miss you all so much and sorry I didnt write that much and maybe its all jumbled but please, tell dad that this message is for him to. ANd sorry that I havent written him yet. But I cannot wait to give you all a big giant hug. And tell Talon that I loved his tie sunday. I love you all and miss you so much.

Love Elder Simonsen
Helaman 5:12

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